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Secondary School Students Share Tips on Saving Water with Residents

What challenges did a group of Secondary 4 & 5 students face as they went door-to-door collecting recyclables and promoting water conservation to residents?

SG20170312 GNA HQY 023
Photo by Huang Qian Yi

“Did you know that you are using nine litres of water each time you flush the toilet?” a secondary school student told a resident.

The student was among the 150 Secondary 4 and 5 student volunteers from Juying Secondary School, who participated in Tzu Chi’s Recycling Day activities on 12th March 2017. Bearing posters and brochures about environmental conservation, they headed to 16 HDB blocks around Block 931 in Jurong West (where the recycling point was located), to collect recyclable materials from the residents while sharing water savings tips with them too.

As the students had little experience going door-to-door knocking on homes, they started out in big groups. Motivated by their teacher’s encouragement, they gained confidence over time, and finally approached each household in small groups to interact with the residents.
“We are not selling anything…”

After facing countless closed-door rejections, student Lin Biwan (pictured below) admitted that facing so many rejections by residents did cause him to feel disheartened. In spite of earlier rejections, he persevered to knock on the next door. When he was happily greeted by a willing resident, he’d begin to spare no details in sharing the water-saving message with the help of a brochure.

SG20170312 CUA CSB 025
Photo by Tan Sam Ba

SG20170312 GNA HQY 020
Photo by Huang Qian Yi

In one corner of the recycling point, student Cai Bingde (pictured below) was eloquent in explaining the steps to water efficiency to curious passersby. He was truly immersed in the joy of sharing and even told the residents, “We only live once, so we must make it fun.” He also shared a useful water saving tip: If he didn’t finish consuming the water inside the water bottle that he brought to school, he could keep it for another purpose instead of pouring it away.

SG20170312 GNA HQY 037
Photo by Huang Qian Yi

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