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Eco Points

Transforming trash into gold, and gold into loving hearts

Every third Sunday of the month is Tzu Chi Environmental Sustainability Day. In close to 20 neighbourhoods across the island, Tzu Chi has garnered the support of various Residents’ Committees, to transform the void decks of HDB blocks, communal pavilions, activity areas, etc. into temporary eco points. Residents living nearby are invited to bring their recyclable items for sorting and recycling on Environmental Sustainability Day. They are also encouraged to bring their children along to learn about environmental protection.

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Under the guidance of dedicated volunteers, each Tzu Chi Environmental Sustainability Day is a community activity that promotes kinship and good neighbourliness. Besides doing sorting work hands-on, the volunteers also share knowledge about environmental protection in a warm and friendly atmosphere. After completing the half-day task of sorting the recyclables according to their material, everyone will work together to clean up each venue and restore the venue to its original clean state. Proceeds from the sale of all recyclables are then used to support Tzu Chi's programmes and services that benefit our local communities.

While doing sorting work, the volunteers become more aware of the wasteful habits of a consumerist culture. The experience inspires them to reflect on their own lives, and they start living a less wasteful lifestyle and curbing unnecessary consumption, thereby reducing the amount of trash generated.

Master Cheng Yen describes the Environmental Protection Volunteer as “Grassroots Bodhi”, akin to the roots of grasses that protect the soil and water. When every household carries out green practices, we can protect and save our planet.

We warmly invite you and your family to join our ranks of environmental defenders and serve as guardians of Mother Earth! 

Sorting of Recyclables

The recyclables in Tzu Chi’s Eco Points are sorted into the following categories to help reduce the burden of the recycling merchants in handling the recyclables and also increase the sales value of the materials:

Please note that the following items are not collected at our eco points:
All plastic items, Polystyrene foam, PVC material, rubber container, furniture, wood product, pottery, aquarium, mirror, pillow, diaper, undergarment, socks

We seek your cooperation in doing some preliminary sorting at home. If the items have been contaminated by oil stains, food residues, etc., kindly clean them at home before sending them for recycling. In this way, we can prevent cross-contamination with other recyclables, while also safeguard the volunteers doing the sorting work.

*We do not provide collection of recyclables from homes and offices.
*All collected recyclables are sold to recycling companies. 


Tzu Chi Environmental Sustainability Day (Monthly)

Every third Sunday of the month, 9am – 12pm


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