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Great Love PreSchool

Imparting Propriety and Instilling Virtue

The Tzu Chi Great Love PreSchool, a childcare centre, was established on 1st April 2014, with the goal of providing a holistic education that focuses on character building and inculcating living skills. By incorporating the teaching of Jing Si Aphorisms into the curriculum of its programmes, the centre seeks to implement Master Cheng Yen’s educational ideals in a local context.

education preschool 1

Located in Yishun, the Great Love PreSchool offers the following programmes: 

  • Infant care: 2–18 months 
  • Toddler: 18–30 months 
  • Nursery 1: 30 months – 3 years old 
  • Nursery 2: 3–4 years old 
  • Kindergarten 1: 4-5 years old 
  • Kindergarten 2: 5-6 years old

The PreSchool has laminate wood flooring, and all its classrooms are well-ventilated with ceiling fans to minimize the use of air-conditioning, thereby not only reduces carbon footprint but also the spread of germs and disease. Each airy classroom is filled with natural light, and the tables and chairs are customized according to the average height of the students in each age group. Utilizing creative teaching tools and aids, teachers of the PreSchool create fun and rich learning experiences that are holistic and meaningful. To cultivate compassion in the children and teach them to love and cherish life and the Earth, only nutritious vegetarian meals and snacks are served. 

Building Character and Nurturing Living Skills

When a tree is just a sapling, it needs to be shaped for growth; similarly, we must start educating children when they are young. The Great Love PreSchool places a strong emphasis on character development and the teaching and learning of independent living skills. Teachers are on hand to guide the children how to manage their daily life, by teaching them good table manners, propriety, and decorum, how to dress neatly, clean up after themselves, and keep the environment clean, etc.

education preschool 3

education preschool 4

In the PreSchool, Jing Si Aphorisms are used as a medium of instruction. By using simple, age-appropriate language and explanations, the teachers patiently guide the students to understand the underlying meaning of the Aphorisms and apply the teachings in their daily life. The wise sayings help students to cultivate positive values and attitudes, and plant the seeds of goodness within their young minds, thereby motivating them to learn and practise the virtues of self-care and self-discipline, respect for others, gratitude and appreciation, frugality, etc.

In the home, parents are the role models for their children. Children learn good morals and behaviour from their parents' examples when they are exposed to such positive influences. To encourage parental involvement in the students’ education, the teachers establish open channels with the parents via a communication book, so that they can work together to enhance the children’s growth and development.

education preschool 5

Another highlight of the Great Love PreSchool is a team of dedicated volunteers who serve as the teachers’ assistants. They provide valuable support in class, so the teachers can concentrate on their teaching duties, to provide the students with the best possible education.

Besides the MOE-prescribed curriculum, the PreSchool also includes artistic classes in their programme, such as tea art/appreciation and flower arrangement. These classes, which are taught by teachers from the Tzu Chi Continuing Education Centre, aim to help the young children cultivate a refined character and demeanor. The little ones learn how to make tea and the etiquette of serving tea during a tea art class, while in a flower arrangement class, they learn to appreciate and cherish the beauty of life and Nature.

Opening hours
Monday to Friday : 7AM – 7PM
Saturday : 7AM – 2PM
Meals provided : Vegetarian

Infant : 2 – 18 months
Pre-school : > 18 months – 6 years

If you wish to enroll your child, please register on Child Care Link's website:


Please feel free to contact us below for more information.

Tel : (65) 6759 6470
Email :
Address : Block 703, Yishun Avenue 5, #01-270, Singapore 760703


Enrolment Day (21 May 2018)

Parents who are interested in our centre are invited to visit our centre on 21/5/2018 to better understand our approach and philosophy. During the session, parents will get to see the centre’s setup and the children being engaged in different activities. Please register through Child Care Link’s website to indicate your interest in our centre before the attending the session.

Should you decide to enrol your child in our centre, you may do it on the same day, after the session. We recommend you to bring along the photocopied documents as mentioned in this checklist. Parents are required to complete the enrolment application process and payment, in order to secure the placement.

1. School Fee: $800
2. Registration Fee: $50
TOTAL: $850

*For payment by cheque, please make your cheque payable to “Tzu Chi Foundation”.
*Limited vacancies available

*Enrolment will be on first-come-first-serve basis

Date: 21/5/2018, Monday
Time (the session will take about 2 hours):
Session 1: 10.30AM
Session 2: 2.30PM

Address: Blk 703, #01-270 Yishun Ave 5 Singapore 760703

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