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Duration | 2:05

Category | Miscellaneous

Organisation | Tzu-Chi Foundation (Singapore)

Have you seen the 90-degree fundraising bow?

More than 700 volunteers took to the streets to raise funds on Flag Day, with or without a donation box in hand, the volunteers bowed 90 degrees to generous public members. This humbling sight left a deep impression on many people. Besides expressing gratitude, volunteers also learned to let go of their stature and humble themselves. Having been cancelled for the past two years, the return of street fundraising received an enthusiastic response from the public. Across all genders and ages, people are seen donating their love into the donation boxes, hoping to do their part to help those in need.

Whenever people place money into the donation box, Tzu Chi volunteers will bow 90 degrees in return. Why do they do this?

Tzu Chi volunteer, Teo Seng Yet: We are grateful for their compassion to support charity, no matter how big or small the money is, we are very grateful.

Tzu Chi volunteer Poh Kiew Chai: It is to show our respect for him.

Member of public: I can see they are very sincere.

Member of public: I feel so good, they really bow down to show that they are grateful.  So, I am very touched by that. 

Bowing down is not only an expression of gratitude but also a spiritual practice. It was the first time participating in street fundraising for the entrepreneurial couple, and they also gained something from the process of bowing down.

Tzu Chi volunteer, Chua Hock Lam: It's a little uncomfortable at first but it gets better as we slowly immerse ourselves in. We humble ourselves and let go of our stature. We are grateful to these people for helping Tzu Chi’s charity mission.

With their hands holding the donation boxes, more than 700 volunteers were spread all over the island in MRT stations, wet markets and shopping malls. It has been two years since this scene was last witnessed, and the public responded enthusiastically.

Member of public, Wong Yin Leng: Everyone lives on the same earth, so there will be connections. If you help others, you will feel happy too.

Member of public, Tan Buay Eng: I just finished shopping for groceries and I had 40 cents left. I was embarrassed to ask her if it was okay, she said it was okay. Through the donations of many people, we can help others.

Member of public, Asha Devi: We don’t anyhow give donations but this is really truthful. From the bottom of our hearts, we just give. // Even if it’s one dollar, it’s money.

Through the generous donations of the public regardless of gender or age, every dollar in the box represents the strength and love to protect the disadvantaged.

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