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Protecting students through daily disinfection of classrooms

The new coronavirus outbreak has continued to spread globally. With the escalation of the DORSCON alert to orange, Tzu Chi Great Love PreSchool has also heightened its alert by complying with the guidelines laid out by the government and strengthening its daily precautionary measures, and paying close attention to the health of the children. Teachers are also introducing COVID-19 to children through storytelling and teaching them proper hygiene practices.

During the COVID-19 outbreak, Tzu Chi Great Love PreSchool has also heightened its alert by increasing the frequency of taking student's body temperature from twice a day to four times a day. Disinfection of classrooms are also done more thoroughly so that parents feel safe to send their children to school.

Head of Tzu Chi’s Education Mission, Tai Nyeok Moi : It is our usual practice to be particular about the safety and hygiene of the children, we have already done so during the ordinary days. We are only strengthening that now and increasing the number of times we sterilize the space. 

Parent, Tan Yue Yun : Tzu Chi does a very good job in disinfection, besides, they have a complete set of precautionary measures, which is why we are not worried.

While the DORSCON alert level is orange, besides cancelling outdoor activities and group activities, and restricting visitors’ access, the health of the children is also very crucial.  

Head of Tzu Chi’s Education Mission, Tai Nyeok Moi : If the child is having runny nose, coughing or showing signs of discomfort, the child will not be allowed to enter the school zone to reduce the risk of infection.

Teachers are using a picture book to tell the children about the novel coronavirus through storytelling. 

Preschool teacher, Razel D. Syjoco : Because it’s widely spread in the whole world, and I want them to know how serious it is, how they can fight this virus by protecting themselves.

Student, Charlene Hii Yu Taan : Bacteria is very micro and invisible, you will not fall sick if you wash your hands. We have to wash our hands many times a day, if not the bacteria will find their way to our hands.

Student, Lucas Tay : If you are sneezing, you have to wear a face mask.

With sincere piety, little children are praying for the outbreak to end soon.

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