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Tzu Chi distributes handmade fabric mask cover to the community

Tzu Chi Humanistic Youth Centre in Singapore has initiated a charity project to make and distribute face mask covers made of cloth to the public, hoping to reduce the use of surgical masks. As soon as the activity was launched, the foundation was approached by a fabric merchant who took the initiative to support the project. Volunteers worked together in making the fabric mask covers. In the end, the project is further supported by Singapore Post when it comes to delivery of the items. From fabric selection to sewing and mailing of the finished products, we are given full support in every stage of the project and that has formed a cycle of love. 

Volunteers are carefully choosing fabrics to be sewn into mask covers for those in need. A mask cover making, and distribution project has been initiated by Tzu Chi Humanistic Youth Centre (HYC) in Singapore. As soon as it was launched, the foundation was approached by a fabric merchant who is willing to donate the fabrics.  

Fabric merchant, Loh Yeow Seng: We will do whatever we can within our means. At times like these, everyone should help each other.

Due to the rapid spreading of the pandemic, the Singapore government has made it compulsory for everyone to put on a mask when they are out of their house, and that has greatly increased the demand for masks. After posting the mask cover distribution announcement on Facebook, the Youth Centre received nearly 400 requests within 9 hours. 

Manager of HYC, Lim Choon Choon: At critical times like these, we hope to contribute a little to the community and encourage the public to use a mask cover so that surgical masks could be reserved for the frontline workers and healthcare workers.

Due to high demand, 800 mask covers must be made within a short period of time. Thankfully, we received equally positive response from people who are willing to help. Before the circuit breaker period began, volunteers had studied the best way to make the mask covers.

Tzu Chi volunteer, Karen Khoo Pin Joo: Chooi Kim and I went online to look for a simple and suitable mask cover design. After that, we started making them at home with the fabrics and design paper boards supplied to us.

Tzu Chi volunteer, Tan Lee Wei: I have completed 30 to 40 of them in one and a half days since yesterday. But this is a combined effort between me and a few partners, including some children.

Tzu Chi volunteer, Chan Lin Yoke: I am not young anymore; I am 67 years old. My eyesight is poor. The eyes must focus, if you don’t, you would pull the string the wrong way and you will have to thread the needle again. But doing it collectively, together, we made a lot of mask covers.

This charity project is also supported by Singapore Post which is sponsoring the envelopes and stamps. Sealed with love and blessings, these mask covers will be posted to those who need them. 

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