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Category | Education

Organisation | Tzu Chi Foundation (Singapore)

Preschool children pay tribute to COVID-19 frontliners

Amid the spreading of COVID-19, little children at Tzu Chi Great Love PreSchool are aware of the hard work of the frontline workers. Despite not being able to go out to personally send their blessings to the frontline workers, they used their tiny hands and tender voices to draw cards and make video recordings to express their gratitude to those battling the disease at the frontline.   

Holding a handmade card, the preschool students express their gratitude to the frontliners in front of the camera. As the world battles the COVID-19 pandemic, little children at Tzu Chi PreSchool are aware of the hard work of the frontliners. Besides recording video clips to convey their blessings, they also express their gratitude in the form of thank you cards.  

Great Love PreSchool student, Zachary Tao Yong Zhang : I want to thank you doctors and nurses, because they are helpful

Great Love PreSchool student, Shayla Lim Yu Chen : Thank you cleaners and nurses for enabling us to be healthy and well.

Great Love PreSchool teacher, Lin Meifang : So, through this activity the children learned how to show their care and concern to what is happening out there, the children also learn to be compassionate, and how to empathise with others.

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, all preschool outdoor activities have been cancelled. Unable to go out, the children express their blessings through images and videos, and the teachers act as messengers to send the children's blessings to the frontline workers.

Cleaner, Chua Tian Kim : I pass by this preschool very often, the children would call me uncle when they see me, that makes me happy. Their little handprints are very beautiful.

Doctor Lim Lay Hwa : We are very touched by the kind gestures of these little children. We have received their love; we thank them very much.

There are also parents who work as medical staff, who received the blessings from the students while fetching their children at school.

Parents Goh Poh Sin : I feel very warm, I can feel their love. It is important for them to learn how to be grateful and how to express their love. May all of us stay strong in fighting the pandemic.

Every card and the tender voices carry the simplest form of blessings and the purest gratitude to warm the hearts of the frontliners, motivating them to carry on with their effort to ward off the disease.

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