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The public is still donating blood amid coronavirus pandemic

People are staying home most of the time amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Meanwhile, the blood supply in Singapore blood bank has fallen sharply, prompting authorities to urge the public to donate blood. Adhering to the instructions by the relevant authority, Tzu Chi took full precautionary measures to ensure that the blood donation drive could be carried out smoothly and successfully, while ensuring the safety of its volunteers and donors. The first blood donation drive was conducted in 2003 when the blood bank was facing a blood shortage during the outbreak of SARS. After co-organizing blood donation drives with the Red Cross Society of Singapore 17 years ago, the partnership has been ongoing ever since. In 2020, the world now faces another similar crisis which calls for people to show their love by donating blood.

Tzu Chi volunteers are urging the public on the street to donate blood.

Tzu Chi volunteer, Ng Hai Boey: Some people asked me why we are still having a blood donation drive when there is a pandemic going on. We just replied him that the blood supply in our blood bank is running low, so we are urging more people to donate blood and hopefully we can all do our bit for this blood donation drive.  

The blood supply in Singapore blood bank has fallen to critically low levels amidst a pandemic, prompting the Health Science Authority and the Red Cross Society to the public to donate blood.

To make people feel safe, adequate epidemic prevention measures must be taken. Handwashing, temperature taking, declaration of travel history and contact history before entering the premise. Tzu Chi is adhering to the instructions of the relevant authority by taking full precautionary measures and disinfecting the premise, while adjusting to changes at all times.

Tzu Chi volunteer, Chen Wan Yi: The staff from the Red Cross made further adjustments to the process flow after arriving// There has to be a wide space between each chair / I think the most important thing is to have these precautionary measures in place to secure the safety of the volunteers and members of the public.

During SARS in 2003, the blood supply in Singapore blood bank was running low. Tzu Chi Singapore partnered with the Red Cross Society to conduct blood donation drives and has continued to do so ever since. The love has carried on for 17 years and we still see people coming forward to donate blood.

Blood donor, Wang Zhong Cun: I am taking annual leave to participate in this. I have previously donated blood in my home country for several times. I am just doing my part. I have been in Singapore for a few years, this is the tenth year I am here. There is no national boundary in this.

Blood donor, Loong Li Lynn: At this period, I think we should do our part on our side to help as much as we can, because I believe at this period there are people who still need blood right, we have to be brave enough to help, as long as we are healthy then we should help.

172 packets of blood were collected over two blood donation drives. Each packet is filled with the love from the public, and every drop of it will help us overcome the barriers set by the pandemic.

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