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Tzu Chi recycling volunteers unaffected by COVID-19

Amidst the outbreak of the new coronavirus, most people are staying home to avoid being infected. However, there is a group of elderly recycling volunteers who still report for duty at Tzu Chi Eco-Awareness Centre every day. The reason they are there is because of the confidence that they have in the precautionary measures taken by the Centre. What's more important is that they feel belong to this place. To make everyone feel safe, the volunteers on duty clean and disinfect the place every day. They also remind the elderly to wash their hands frequently. Although the elderly recycling volunteers may not be able to explain the concept of environmental protection, they are taking solid actions to protect the earth. Every day at noon, vegetarian lunch is prepared by Tzu Chi kitchen volunteers for the recycling volunteers as adopting a vegetarian diet is one of the most effective ways to fight the epidemic and global warming.

Most people try to stay home during the COVID-19 outbreak, but these eco volunteers are still reporting for duty every day at Tzu Chi Eco-Awareness Centre.

Recycling volunteer:
It is very boring to stay at home because no one is around.

Recycling volunteer:
There is no need to be afraid, we are safe if we have taken full preventive measures and strengthened our immunity.

Recycling volunteer:
We must keep ourselves clean, wash our hands and take a shower after getting home.

(Are you afraid of COVID-19?) Yes, of course I am afraid of such a disease.
(But are you afraid of coming here?) No.

The fear for the virus has not affected their trust in Tzu Chi Eco-Awareness Centre as this is also where their hearts belong. Therefore, the volunteers on duty took up the responsibility to clean and disinfect the Centre everyday to ensure the health and safety of the elderly.

1 part of bleach to 5 parts of water. (Can that disinfect?) Yes.

Tzu Chi volunteer, Ng Lucy:
The entire center has been disinfected by professional disinfection personnel. We do further disinfection and wiping after our duty every day. We want them to feel safe here and return home with ease. I feel happy seeing the elderly volunteers here, because it makes me feel at ease to see them arriving energetically and going home joyfully.

Besides serving as a place for the elderly to spend their time, the Centre also shoulders the duty of protecting the environment, because global warming will not pause due to the outbreak.

Tzu Chi volunteer, Wong Li Phin :
Master Cheng Yen has appealed to us all to reflect on ourselves and be vigilant and do what needs to be done. Environmental protection is the most basic task that we cannot stop doing. Everybody should enlighten others too by telling them that adopting a vegetarian diet is the most important thing to do now.
Wash your hands with soap
Both virus outbreak and global warming are global issues. It takes wisdom, compassion and cooperation from everyone to overcome this challenge.


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