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Preschool children responded positively to adopting a vegetarian diet

Tzu Chi Great Love PreSchool has been promoting vegetarianism to parents, teachers and students all the time. The delicious vegetarian food provided by the school has won the hearts of the teachers and students. Amid the novel coronavirus outbreak, the school takes a more active approach to encourage everyone to adopt a vegetarian diet and the effort turned out well as many have pledged to reduce or cut off meat consumption.

Tzu Chi Great Love PreSchool has been promoting vegetarianism all year long, and that has fostered a sense of compassion in children. Amid the novel coronavirus outbreak, the preschool took to the social media to promote vegetarianism to all students and parents.

Head of Tzu Chi Mission of Education, Tai Nyeok Moi: During an outbreak, we hope to remind everyone to adopt a vegetarian diet and have love for animals.

Preschool teacher, Au Foong Yee: There are 70 to 80 families out of 100 that are supporting this cause, this is a good start. Out of 35 to 38 teachers, more than 30 have pledged to go vegetarian.   

Preschool teacher, Wang Hui: Whether or not there was an outbreak, adopting a vegetarian diet is beneficial for the future. Since it is a good practice for everyone, why don’t we do it? I am doing my best adopt a vegetarian diet too.

Parent, Doreen Chin: My family of five hope to cut down on meat, so we are supporting this movement.  

Parent, Di Yiwei: I hope everyone could adopt a vegetarian diet to protect the earth and I hope this outbreak will be over soon.

A change in one’s diet does not happen overnight. The delicious vegetarian lunch prepared by the school has not only made taking vegetarian food easy for the children, it has also changed the perception of a new preschool teacher about vegetarianism. 

Preschool teacher, Agnes Song Lai Lai: We used to add eggs and meat into our dishes. Now we discovered that adding vegetables not only makes cooking simple, it tastes equally delicious.

In the face of an outbreak, children and teachers go vegetarian together to ward off the outbreak with love and sincere piety.

Adopt a vegetarian diet to protect animals. Adopt a vegetarian diet for a peaceful world free from diseases.

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