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Tzu Chi's epidemic relief programme for care recipients

The inconveniences caused by COVID-19 outbreak did not stop the charity home visit volunteers from caring and sending warm reminders to their care recipients. The volunteers have also obtained the latest updates of their care recipients’ condition and provided these first-hand information through an online questionnaire to help social workers complete their data analysis in order to have the protective equipment delivered to those who need them.

“Consolidation of data, tabulation of data, and distribution of aid materials” are the basic disaster relief procedures complied by Tzu Chi volunteers globally. In the face of COVID-19, how should Tzu Chi Singapore allocate its limited protective equipment wisely? Making phone calls became crucial to achieve this.

Ong Hui Shen, Tzu Chi charity volunteer
We find that the outbreak has affected our home visit volunteers considerably, because we might not be able to conduct home visits at the homes of the care recipients now. Thanks to technology, we can still care for them through the phone, WhatsApp or SMS.

Khoo Jyh Hao, Head of Tzu Chi Singapore Charity Dept
At this moment, as long as we have taken full precautionary measures and obtained a clear picture of how the care recipients are doing, for example whether any of them has received a Stay Home Notice from the government. As long as everything is okay, then there is no problem. I feel that we should still send our regards and pass the aid materials to them personally. The next thing we must do is comfort them emotionally. Sole caregivers bear a heavy responsibility at home, therefore, they must not be neglected during the outbreak.

Koh Hui Kheng, Care Recipient
Absolutely, this COVID-19 affects me tremendously. And also I listen to news frequently to know what's happening. Like I said I'm 24 hours taking care of my mother. If not all these community support, I don't think I can cope.

A total of 155 gift packs have been handed out during the first phase of the epidemic relief program to ease the anxiety of the care recipients in time.

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