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Category | Miscellaneous

Organisation | Tzu Chi Foundation (Singapore)

Tzu Chi offers moral support to frontliners amidst the coronavirus outbreak.

Tzu Chi Singapore has set up an epidemic relief committee to launch a series of projects such as the epidemic relief programme, to gather love and support from the public to cheer for those who are working at the frontline. Together, we hope to overcome this COVID-19 outbreak as soon as possible.

At this moment we find there is a need to set up a response team and play our role in calming the society.

Tzu Chi Singapore has set up an epidemic relief committee and initiated projects such as the epidemic relief programme. In the face of an outbreak, to reduce the risk of infection, minimum manpower has been mobilized to get the blessing bags ready for those who are working at the frontline for the sake of overcoming the adversity brought by the virus outbreak.

Over here, our main targets are our medical staff, our kindergarten teachers and day care teachers, because they are the frontliners. Certainly not to be forgotten, the volunteers who serve there.

CEO of Tzu Chi Singapore, Mr. Low Swee Seh:Those at the frontline are working very long hours. They are facing the risk of being infected too. We hope to cheer them up and lift their spirit.

While we transform limited love into great love and work together to ward off the outbreak. We hope to provide strong mental support by appealing to the public to support the frontliners.

Tzu Chi nurse, Pan Han Ni:Very touched. There is so much love here. Because I see items like vitamin C and apples. What I like the most is this heart, I can feel the sincerity because it is handmade.

Tzu Chi’s Great Love PreSchool, Cai Nan Nan:Very touched. Actually, I wanted to cry just now. Because there are quite a lot of discrimination against those who returned from China or Chinese people, such initiative is still affecting me in a positive way. I feel more secure and calm too. I’m quite moved. Pardon me.

Empathy, Care, Timeliness. Internally, we look after our staff and volunteers. Externally, we care for the doctors, nurses and healthcare workers in local hospitals. 

In this battle against an outbreak: We can make it together! Let’s do it!

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