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Duration | 2:48

Category | Education, Humanistic Culture

Organisation | Tzu-Chi Foundation (Singapore)

Youth Power @Tzu Chi Humanistic Youth Centre

The Tzu Chi Humanistic Youth Centre has been officially inaugurated, with MPs in the district, leaders of the local grassroots organisation, leaders of various community groups as well as Tzu Chi volunteers from Taiwan, Malaysia and Indonesia gracing the special event. The Foundation also signed an MOU with Nee Soon GRC on this day. By teaming up with five like-minded partners to offer various holistic programmes and activities to young people, the Youth Centre hopes to encourage the younger generations to connect and share with each other and to create a positive impact to our society. 

The Tzu Chi Humanistic Youth Centre is officially inaugurated, in the presence of close to 600 people. They include MPs from Nee Soon GRC, leaders of grassroots organisation, various community groups, and Tzu Chi volunteers from Taiwan, Malaysia and Indonesia. This new establishment mainly serves youths, with the aim to instill positive values in them.

Minister for Home Affairs and Law, K. Shanmugam: The spirit and philosophy of the Youth Centre comes through from the time when you enter. When you speak with each person, their faces are radiant, happy, and full of love and compassion. So there is a lot of inner beauty.

Founder of The Lion Mind,Yap Wei Ren: I feel that young people will like this place. Most of them will go to crowded or noisy places, so it’s truly very difficult to find a place where you can really quiet down and settle your mind. So this is a very suitable place for that. 

Businessman, Cai Tian Bao: I find that this place is filled with energy and vitality.  It is very important that every social group involves young people. Then, it can be continued in the long run.   

Tzu Chi also signed an MOU with Nee Soon GRC on this day to work together to involve the youths of the district in various activities that are beneficial to our society.

Chairman of Chong Pang CCC , Teo Choon Hock: This is an environment for youths. Although I’m getting on in age, I feel young when I come to this place. Many young people stay at home and go online on their mobile phones, without connecting with the real environment in life. Now, we have this place where the youths can come. If they wish to, they will come here.  

VP of Tzu Chi Taiwan, Ms. Lim Pi-Yu: Youths are the pillars of our society. We have provided such an environment to open young people’s eyes to charity. We really hope that this will be a lively and creative place, with “love” as its core spirit, which can be spread from here to the rest of the world.

The Youth Centre is imbued with the spirit of youth. With a novel and modern design, the centre teams up with different partners to offer various programmes, classes, and activities to create a one-stop youth platform.

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