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Organisation | Tzu Chi Foundation (Singapore)

Home visit training course revamped to help volunteers serve better

Tzu Chi Charity Development Department re-evaluated its home visit training courses in previous years and found that conducting two courses per year is insufficient. In order to increase its annual training hours, the frequency of the training has been increased to once a month. Professional content on social work and different methods to handle care recipients from different fields are some of the topics included in the course. The enhanced training courses aim to reinforce the professional knowledge of the frontline home visit volunteers and enhance their adaptability during charity home visits to help them serve better.    

To optimize the home visit training course and enhance the professional skills of the home visit volunteers, the frequency of the course has been increased from twice a year to once a month.  

Lee Yi Xuan | Social Worker of Charity Development Dept
Our home visit volunteers are the frontliners in our Charity Mission. In this training course, we hope to give them some professional knowledge input so that they can cope better when they visit the care recipients at their home.  

Esther Cheong | Tzu Chi Volunteer
Such a course is very beneficial to me. It has given me a lot of information and knowledge. It has also reminded me of how broad mental issues can span. I have also realized that these care recipients require a lot of care, both physically and spiritually. 

Further categorizing the issues and needs of the care recipients, and increasing the depth of the course content has equipped these home visit volunteers with the relevant knowledge they need when visiting care recipients from certain community groups. 

Michelle Tan | Outreach Manager of Caregivers Alliance Limited
Through my sharing, I hope to give everyone a deeper understanding and greater awareness of the importance of mental health. When we are equipped with more knowledge, not only can we take better care of our own needs, we can also help those around us who need our help.

Combining the concept of charity with professional knowledge has enabled Tzu Chi to do better in its charity missions.

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