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Category | Education

Organisation | Tzu Chi Foundation (Singapore)

I can eat vegetables too

12-year-old Eeson Wong only eats rice and noodles since young, and that dietary preference of his has bothered his parents a lot. He only began to learn to eat vegetables after he was sent to Tzu Chi Great Love Student Care Centre. His parents have also cooperated fully by learning how to cook delicious vegetarian food for him. While learning to eat vegetables, Eeson discovered that the food we eat is closely related to the ecosystem, and that has nurtured the habit of cherishing nature’s resources in him. Having developed this good habit, Eeson now takes a step further to promote the right attitude to the public.  

Student care centre student, Eeson Wong: I basically don’t eat vegetables and meat before primary 3. I would feel like vomiting if I try to swallow them.

12-year-old Eeson has been sent to Tzu Chi Great Love Student Care Centre since he was in primary 3. Under the guidance of his teacher, he began to learn to eat vegetables.

Student care teacher, Lim Siew Lee: The rule here is that the students must finish the food in the bowl. But we know that it is difficult for him, so we did not give him a lot, we just told him to have a try and he was willing to cooperate.

Student care centre student, Eeson Wong: I slowly realized that it is not that unpalatable.

Eeson’s mother, Kiong Sy Sy: I am also very grateful to the teachers at the student care centre for being patient with him. They do not blame him but encouraged him, and slowly guide him to adapt to eating vegetables. He has been eating more variety of vegetables now compared to before.  

Besides learning how to eat vegetables, he also discovered the relationship between food supply and the ecosystem. This is where the concept of cherishing one’s blessings becomes deeply rooted his heart.

Student care teacher, Lim Siew Lee: He agrees with not wasting food because he understands that food do not come easy.

Student care centre student, Eeson Wong: It would be a waste of land resources if we eat meat. Instead of breeding livestock on these lands, it would be more practical if we use them to plant food such as wheat and rice.

Student care centre student, Eeson Wong: We make a board and we bring this board everywhere to share this Jing Si Aphorism with others, “Know your blessings, cherish them and sow more blessings”.

From transforming himself to promoting the right attitude in life, Eeson practices what he learned in daily life.

Student care centre student, Eeson Wong: If we do not cherish what we have, the earth will fall sick. I want more people to know that we must protect our planet from now on, otherwise the earth would be destroyed.

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