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Vegetarianism is the better option in Yoga diet

Tzu Chi Singapore’s Continuing Education Centre offers a variety of courses, among which is the yoga class. Besides relaxing the mind and body, yoga also emphasizes on having a good diet. Yoga diet categorizes food into three categories, namely Sattvic (pure) food, Rajastic (over stimulating) food and Tamasic (stale or inert) food. Yoga students are encouraged to take Sattvic food which resonates with the concept of healthy vegetarian diet. After heeding the appeal by their yoga instructor, some students are beginning to notice the positive changes in them after adopting a vegetarian diet. Practicing yoga not only nourishes the body and mind, but also nurtures compassion and gratitude.

Originated from ancient India, Yoga has a history of more than 5,000 years. Yoga is a form of exercise that harmonizes our mind and body through a series of cultivation methods. When practicing yoga, besides adjusting our breathing and posture, diet also plays an important role.

Yoga diet categorizes food into Sattvic (pure) food, Rajastic (over stimulating) food and Tamasic (stale, inert) food. Sattvic foods are the most recommended as they are easy to digest and help balance the mental and nervous system. This is the energy needed for practicing yoga and it shares a common concept as healthy vegetarianism.

Yoga instructor, Liw Tiam
Vegetables, melons and fruits are very important. (Having food of) different colours is very important, you need white, red, green, blue, purple, and yellow (food). Vegetarian diet can help loosen the meridians due to its high fibre content. (These fibres) will help with digestion and improve blood circulation.

The effects of vegetarianism on the practice of yoga are felt by the students.

Yoga student,Chow Sheau Fang
I wasn’t a vegetarian when I first started doing yoga. By third year, I became a full time vegetarian. I tried doing those (yoga) postures which I couldn’t do in the past and found that I can do them now. Going meatless is very important if you want a more flexible body.

Yoga student, Tjai Hoei
I had to take an antacid pill every day. After becoming a vegetarian, I don’t need to take medicine anymore. Meat makes people less energetic. When we learn yoga, for example, when we want to widen our chest, the body feels tighter if you consume meat. If you are a vegetarian, you can widen your chest easily.

Practice yoga to learn to be in harmony with the body. Eat more pure foods such as fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains to keep the body and mind pure and relaxed. Meanwhile, it can also nurture compassion and gratitude in us.

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