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Duration | 1:36

Organisation | Tzu Chi Foundation (Singapore)

Different community groups sew a “home” which symbolizes love

The “Stay Home Quilt” project has not only allowed migrant workers to express their feelings, it has also turned recyclables into a house that symbolizes love and unity. The two months preparation work started with collection of materials all the way to the decoration of the house before it was ready for display. It was quite a cumbersome process with a lot of details to pay attention to. However, all the participants have contributed different ideas and done their best to complete the artwork. These efforts eventually combined into a home that draws people closer to each other. 

 Made using recyclables, this “house” is currently on display at Tzu Chi Humanistic Youth Centre. All the artworks on the wall came from the “Stay Home Quilt” project. 

The entire “house” is a joint creation of an artist and the volunteers. The creativity of Tzu Chings has sparked new life to the artwork too.   

Jimmy Ong | Artist
They were very enthusiastic and open to suggestions and ideas when we talked about how we put this house together. I like those kind of ideas because an artwork is something that is able to exude all the messages depending on the viewers and depending on how it is displayed. 

Melissa | Tzu Ching
I also didn’t do so much sewing before, but then by sewing it kind of like calms your mind in a way and it distracts you from all the anxiety that you are feeling.

Many of the participants were senior female volunteers who are good at sewing. Koh Soo Hui, one of the volunteers who actively participated in the previous face mask sewing project had seized the opportunity to volunteer for this project with her friends every weekend.  

Koh Soo Hui | Sewing volunteer
Other volunteers are very helpful, so, we referred to each other’s’ ideas to see what we could do together. With teamwork, everyone does a bit to form the final artwork. Besides displaying it here, we could share it with others. 

The joint creation by different community groupsmakes the “house” more than just an ordinary artwork. It glows with the mutual care for each other during these difficult times.

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