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Organisation | Tzu Chi Foundation (Singapore)

Tzu Chi Singapore celebrates 27th Anniversary across the island

Due to an ongoing pandemic, many of Tzu Chi Singapore’s activities have been switched online. However, as local transmission cases gradually come under control, the nation entered phase two of the circuit breaker measure on 19 June, which saw the loosening of some of the restrictions and more economic and social activities being resumed. Undeterred by the ongoing preventive measures, Tzu Chi Singapore celebrated its 27th anniversary on 20 September. Adhering to the restriction which limits the number of visitors to 5 person per household, the concept of “flower blooming all over the place” was the theme of this year’s celebration where not more than five volunteers visited another volunteer's home to form 166 “lotus spots” across Singapore. By using Zoom, all the “lotus spots” were connected to Jing Si Hall in Pasir Ris for an online anniversary celebration.

Tzu Chi Singapore is 27 years old! As large-scale gathering is still not allowed amid a pandemic, volunteers and staff invited volunteers from all over the island to form a total of 166 groups of six at home or outdoor, to celebrate the anniversary online. 

(Many are) unable to return to Jing Si Hall, but it is alright, allow me to bring you all for a walk around Jing Si Hall today.

Tzu Chi volunteer, Goh Lam Kia: It’s been a long while since volunteers gathered for an event. This year, we are celebrating our anniversary online together at home across the island. Hopefully, everyone is getting ready to get back to volunteering work as soon as the pandemic situation improves.

Tzu Chi volunteer, Koh Lai Leng: I rushed to the grocery shop, but all the vegetables were sold out.

During the pandemic, Tzu Chi volunteers have not only aided the needy, but also cared for each other. Volunteer Koh Lai Leng’s son was infected by COVID-19. Fortunately, she was accompanied by volunteers at times of panic and stress. 

Tzu Chi volunteer, Koh Lai Leng: I couldn’t sleep nor eat properly at that time. They (Tzu Chi volunteers) kept calling me and sending me caring messages. They also motivated me and told me to hang on. I am not alone. I am supported by many volunteers. They are truly reliable.

Tzu Chi volunteer, Yang Wen Ting: We are now on this dharma path together, do not be absent because you are old or too young. The elderly and the young should work together to pass on the Jing Si Dharma Lineage in Singapore.

To keep Tzu Chi developing in Singapore, it is important that Tzu Chi volunteers remain united, committed and brave!

For this year’s anniversary celebration, the foundation has compiled the advice and wishes of Master Cheng Yen for Tzu Chi Singapore over the past 27 years. There were also pre-recorded blessings from the Dharma Masters from Jing Si Abode, encouraging volunteers to do their best in order to keep the dharma assembly going in Singapore. 

Dharma Master De Li: May Singapore remain as a loving and kind nation in the countless 27 years to come.

Dharma Master De Yuan: May Tzu Chi Singapore continue to grow and may everyone cultivate both merit and wisdom.

Tzu Chi Singapore CEO, Low Swee Seh: I am very grateful to Master Cheng Yen for accompanying us through the years. I am even more grateful to the experienced Tzu Chi volunteers for their years of contributions in Tzu Chi. We hope that all the disciples and volunteers of Tzu Chi will stay united and work together to promote vegetarianism, recruit volunteers and gain true understanding of dharma. 

There was no major celebration for Tzu Chi’s anniversary this year, however, it has reaffirmed the collective commitments of the volunteers. 

Respected Dharma Master Cheng Yen, don’t worry, we will do our best to keep the dharma assembly going in Singapore.    

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