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Organisation | Tzu Chi Foundation (Singapore)

Tzu Chi Singapore recycling activity is back with new missions and a new name

Tzu Chi Singapore’s environmental protection activities have been put on hold for nearly half a year due to COVID-19. To comply with the gradually lifted preventive measures, necessary adjustments have been made to fit in the new normal. For now, Tzu Chi’s Environmental Protection mission will gradually restart its recycling activity by reopening its eco awareness centre situated in the North District for trial run. Its monthly recycling event that takes place at various recycling points across the island will be renamed Environmental Sustainability Day. The monthly event will also be gradually reducing the collection and sorting of plastics. Instead, volunteers will focus more on advocating ways to reduce the use of plastics. Finally, in order to comply with the pandemic prevention guidelines, clearer movement flow will be clearly indicated at the eco awareness centre and each recycling point. There will also be clearer classification of recyclables to enhance participation by the public to instil the right concept of recycling to the public. 

Recycling activities have been put on hold for half a year due to the ongoing pandemic. To comply with the gradually lifted preventive measures, necessary adjustments have been made by Tzu Chi Singapore’s environmental protection mission. 

Wong Sin Hwa | Environmental Sustainability Executive
In view that the pandemic situation in Singapore has slowly stabilized we are going to  revive this recycling activity. So, we came up with a proposal, that includes social distancing measures    and clear movement flow at the site to avoid cross infection etc. We have requested every Tzu Chi recycling point to come up with their activity floor plan and movement flow planning.  

By incorporating preventive measures into our revamped environmental protection mission, the inconveniences brought by the new norm are turned into opportunities. 

Liw See Kew | Tzu Chi volunteer
First, we are changing the name of our monthly recycling event to Environmental Sustainability Day. Second, we want more people to know how to sort their own recyclables. Third, the usage of plastic is a huge problem as well. People are used to the convenience and using too much of disposable plastics. So, we hope to advocate ways to reduce plastic usage. This will be our following mission. 

Different from how things were done in the past, there will be clearer movement flow and procedures. Besides reducing the risk of infection due to contact with recyclables, we are creating more opportunities for the public to take part in sorting recyclables, In turn, they will learn the right concept of recycling.

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