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Organisation | Tzu Chi Foundation (Singapore)

Former students show gratitude to their teachers at a scaled down gathering

Tzu Chi Singapore’s Teacher’s Association held a small Teacher’s Day gathering and tea ceremony to celebrate the 21st anniversary of the association one week before Singapore’s Teacher’s Day. Due to the ongoing pandemic, the number of people allowed in this mini gathering was limited as per prevention measures. During the tea ceremony, some students who served tea to their teacher are already retired teachers themselves, while some have changed from teacher-student relationship to dharma companion relationship. Teachers and students barely have the chance to meet each other after leaving the school for many years, which is why the teachers and their students cherish this simple gathering dearly.

Madam Lian’s student,Chang Siew Moi:
She was my Chinese teacher when I was in Primary 1. To us, she was a friendly teacher.

Singapore’s National Teacher’s Day was held on 4 September this year. Tzu Chi Teacher’s Association held a small sharing session and a tea ceremony. Siew Moi took this opportunity to express her gratitude to her teacher by serving tea to her.

Madam Lian’s student,Chang Siew Moi:
I think it is very good to have the opportunity to serve tea to teachers. Because usually we only politely ask them to have some tea. It is not a ceremony; there is meaning to it.

Teacher’s Association member, Lian Swee Wah
The children have grown up and are contributing to the society. I am certainly very comforted because our effort is not wasted. The best way to repay your teachers is to pass on the spirit and legacy to future generations.

NS:Move forward, serve tea to your teacher.

After serving tea to her teacher, Low Sai Kian swiftly turned into a receiver to accept tea offered by her student. All three of them are educators, and their educational philosophy is passed on through leading by example.

Madam Low‘s student, Chua Hwee Pheng
What I see in them is walk the talk, I hope to become such a teacher.

Teacher’s Association member, Low Sai Kian
I told her, she seems different now, she appears very joyful and very proactive. Now that we are both in Tzu Chi, we feel closer to each other.

The same teacher-student relationship turned into dharma companionship happened between Low Sai Kian and her teacher too.

Madam Low‘s teacher, Ng Geok Buay:
She is a very responsible teacher. She would not stop working the moment she receives a task, even when she is severely ill. It feels unbearable to see her this way.

Teacher’s Association member, Low Sai Kian:
I feel so happy to be cared by my teacher at my age. I feel overwhelmed to still have her with me in life.

The spirit of respecting our teachers and teachings should not be expressed only on Teacher's Day, it should be deeply rooted in us and be passed on to future generations.


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