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A New Recycling Point in Jurong West

After a year of application process, Jurong West recycling point officially begins its operation on 12 February. 41 residents first delivered their recyclables as a result of volunteers’ encouragement over the last five days prior to the official operation. In addition, 15 residents agreed to sign up and take part in the recycling activities in the following month. Such response was indeed encouraging.

After one year of application procedures with the local RC, Town Council and NEA, a new recycling point in Jurong West was finally up and running on 12 February 2012. (Photo by Pua Phoo Toong)

“We have waited for a year and now our Jurong West recycling point is officially in operation!” Chang Nyuk Mui, who is in charge of Tzu Chi’s South 3 Zone sub-zone 2, said with much anticipation.

Since 2011, Tzu Chi Singapore has planned to establish recycling point within each sub-zone to achieve Master Cheng Yen’s wish for recruiting more grassroots members and to promote environmental protection in the heartlands.

“This is what Master has wished for,” added zone leader Low Swee Seh.

As a matter of fact, it is not an easy feat to start a recycling point at the void decks of HDB flats. Permissions must be granted from the Residence Committee (RC), Town Council and the National Environment Agency (NEA) and these take about one year to complete.

Back in mid 2010, Brother Low and Sister Tan Suzan have identified Block 510 on Jurong West 52 Street as an ideal location for a new recycling point as it often has a huge crowd on Sunday mornings (Tzu Chi’s community recycling day is fixed on second Sunday of every month).

Sister Suzan commented that the residents around are unsophisticated folks like the older generation and they are more approachable. Indeed, when the recycling point started running on Sunday, 12 February, many of the locals stopped by to find out more. Volunteers were more than delighted to introduce recycling concept and Tzu Chi’s environmental concept to them.

After days of encouragement and promotion by the volunteers, 41 residents delivered their recyclables and 15 have agreed to participate in the recycling activities the following month. It was very encouraging. Another person in-charge, Sister Kwek Jing Yi commented that “it is important to promote and educate our people about recycling sorting. We hope the residents here will join us in our effort to reduce waste and recycle and reuse. Environmental protection (recycling) is a big task that requires collective effort.”

Among those who sat down to join in the sorting work was 78-year-old Guo Fu Yong. The senior, who hailed from Liaoning, China had visited the Tzu Chi Free Health Screening and Medical Clinic a few days ago because of his arthritis. With the encouragement from volunteer-on-duty Sister Judy Lo, Uncle Guo decided to volunteer at the new-found recycling point which is not far from his home.

“This effort is very meaningful, because caring for Mother Earth is to love everyone. We should not underestimate our tiny effort. The fact that I’m here to do recycling will not only make our Earth cleaner but is also my bit to respond to Master Cheng Yen’s earnest call to us global citizens,” said the Jurong West resident of his first Tzu Chi activity.

Having just celebrated his birthday a few days ago, Uncle Guo joked that being with the young people at the recycling point made him “feel young again”. He also promised that he would participate in the Earth-friendly activity whenever he is in Singapore.

Before starting the recycling work, volunteers led the residents do a simple song and warm up. (Photo by Pua Phoo Toong)

Using poster boards, volunteers introduced Tzu Chi’s environmental protection mission and its motto of “turning garbage into money and money into love (charity)”. (Photo by Pua Phoo Toong)

The recycling point is near a wet market and volunteers are delighted to take time to introduce Tzu Chi’s environmental protection concept to passers-by. (Photo by Pua Phoo Toong)

With the encouragement from a volunteer, Uncle Guo came to volunteer at the new recycling point and enjoyed the work. Picture shows the senior busily sorting through used papers. (Photo by Pua Phoo Toong)

After five days of informing the residents prior to the start of the new recycling point, the amount of recyclables delivered by 41 residents on that day was encouraging. Fifteen of them even agreed to come and join in the recycling next month! (Photo by Pua Phoo Toong)

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