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  • Beware of Online and Street Fundraising Scams

    Currently, Buddhist Compassion Relief Tzu Chi Foundation (Singapore) and Buddhist Tzu Chi Merit Organization (Singapore) Ltd are not organising any online and street fundraising events (e.g. Flag Day). If you encounter such activities in social media or public, please be vigilant and call our hotline 65829958 for verification.

    The only ongoing fundraising activity is ‘Save For A Good Cause’ campaign, where we encourage the public to give rise to kindness and save a little each day in a Tzu Chi bamboo coin bank, to help those in need. As for donations via online medium, the official platforms are Giving.sg, GIVE.asia and Benevity.

    Please note that information on all our fundraising activities are published on our official English and Chinese websites, and all our volunteers soliciting streets and doors to doors donations will be in full Tzu Chi uniform, with a valid fundraising permit issued by relevant government authorities.

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Health Talks

Health Talks

18 Jan - 19 Dec 2020 3pm - 4.30pm Buddhist Tzu Chi Traditional Chinese Medicine Free Clinic (Khatib)

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