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What defines beauty

Physical appearance is not important, the attractiveness of a person lies in their gentle and sincere attitude.

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(Photo by Teh Siau Ching) 

Most people are overly protecting themselves and unwilling to contribute their strength out of fear that they might overwork themselves.

Some people are afraid that their hands would become rough, therefore they do not want to do any chores. To maintain their beauty, they would go to beauty salon for facial. Some even avoid smiling due to the fear of having wrinkles on their faces, and that’s how they become "frozen beauty".

Furthermore, their nails are manicured and polished in red colour gel, and therefore they are not willing to do household chores and laundry work. When they have to do something with their hands, they would put on gloves and apply hand cream to prevent their hands from becoming rough.

The truth is, physical appearance is not important, the attractiveness of a person lies in their gentle and sincere attitude. Gentleness refers to smiling to anyone a person meets. A face with a smile is prettier than those with makeup. Having a clean face and gentle charisma is more pleasing to others. A pair of rough hands make people feel more reliable compared to a pair of hands with manicured nails.

A minister’s wife is expected to dress elegantly to suit her status. However, there is a minister’s wife who is as thrifty as any other women. She does her own grocery shopping and cooking, and she also does the household chores on her own. She has a pair of rough hands and has never manicured her nails. She is also in charge of tailoring her mother-in-law’s clothing and cooks the soup for the whole family to suit their palate, and that makes the whole family very happy.

A woman like her is a true beauty as she is neither snobbish nor arrogant despite her higher social status. Instead, she is pure at heart, simple, gentle, and virtuous. She has fully lived up to the true meaning of beauty and kindness.

We should not live in our comfort zones nor be afraid of overworking. Being overly protective of ourselves will stop us from refining our character. Good character can only be achieved through diligence and daily actions.


Translated by Lei Jia Yan