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Tzu Chi’s “Four Spirituality Soup”

An understanding, grateful and accommodative person is naturally a contented person. He can be happy even leading a simple life.

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There is a story in the Buddhist scriptures about an old lady with her two daughters. One of her daughters was married to a rice noodle merchant, and the other to a businessman who sells umbrellas.  

The old lady always hopes for the businesses of both her son-in-law to prosper. She once asked the eldest daughter, "How is business recently?"

The eldest daughter said, "Not so good, we can’t make rice noodles recently due to the rainy season."

The old lady said, "Then you should pray for sunny day.”

And so, the old lady prayed every day and wish that sunny day will arrive soon.

After some time, the second daughter came back home and the old lady asked her the same thing, “How is business recently?"

The second daughter replied, "Business was very bad! It hasn’t rained for a long time, and we were not able to sell our umbrellas."

The old lady said, "Then I'll pray for rain so that you can sell your umbrellas."

But by doing so, it would affecter her eldest daughter’s rice noodles making.

In this situation, should the old lady pray for rain or sun? If the old lady harbor an understanding thought,  she would be happy when it’s a sunny day which is good  for her eldest daughter’s rice noodle making; or a rainy day which bring good business to her second daughter. Nothing is perfect in this world, if one could look at the positive side in every situation, then one would feel satisfied and joyful. An understanding person would be a grateful person, and the happiest person in this world is one who is grateful.

Besides being understanding and grateful, one should also be accommodative, for example, life would be tough if we cannot accommodate others at work. Therefore, not only should we be grateful to our parents, brothers and sisters, we must also embrace everyone with an open heart.

A contented heart brings with it happiness, therefore, we should not keep comparing ourselves with others. You will be leading a miserable life if you always feel inadequate and out done by others in every ways. An understanding, grateful and accommodative person can be most contented and happy even with a simple life.