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The Rich among the Poor

Life’s bliss is about owning a luxurious car or a grand house, it is about having a heart full of great love. Only when one is wholeheartedly servicing others in society without holding back, can the most blissful life be achieved.

young tomato 5808 (Photo Credit: PEXELS)

Sometime ago, a group of visitors from Tzu Chi Hsinchu came for a visit at Jing Si Abode in Hualien. Among the group, there was a care recipient whom was addressed as Mr. Hong. Mr. Hong who lost his vision had lost a hand in a bomb explosion when he was a boy. His other hand has only three fingers. Besides being handicapped, Mr. Hong also lives alone, which is why we are helping him on a long-term basis.

Despite his disability, Mr. Hong is an aspiring, persistent and optimistic person. Even though he can’t see, he has made use of the vacant land at the front and back of his house to plant medicinal herbs and sugarcanes, to add on to his incomes. He often supplies sugarcanes for households who are having weddings. He then collects these monies from the proceeds of selling sugarcane and donates the money for charity.

Mr. Hong said, “I often listen to Tzu Chi’s World broadcast programs. I am touched by every word uttered by the master. The most touching of all is “be willing to serve, be willing to bear”.

Even though life is much tougher for him as he feels his surrounding in darkness and works with only one hand with three fingers, yet, he is happy every day. He is living the spirit of “be willing to serve, be willing to bear” in life, which is rare and inspiring.   

Mr. Hong is frugal with his own expenses, but he keeps donating to charity each month. If he has more to give, he would donate more to those who needed help more than him. He is also a regular donor who sponsors a hospital bed to Tzu Chi Hospital every year.

On that day, a committee member fulfilled Mr. Hong’s wish to “see” me. Although he was not able to see me with his eyes, he “sees” me with his ears by listening to what I say. That day, I held his hand, and someone asked him, “Do you know that Master is holding your hand?”

I asked him, “Are you delighted to see me?”

He said, “I am very happy! I am really delighted to be here. I am thankful to Master; I am thankful to many members of Tzu Chi for taking care of me.”

I said, “You are a member of Tzu Chi too! Tzu Chi member looking after Tzu Chi member, this is a dharma affinity.”  

He said, “Yes, that’s why I am thankful.”

It was a very touching scene! The great enduring love between people is so kind and warm. We must be grateful for living in a contented and appreciative world, where we mutually care for each other. If there is great love in everyone, all of us will be able to live peacefully and freely.

However, there some who are not living at ease despite having material abundance. In fact, life’s bliss is not about owning luxurious car or grand house. Happiness only comes when one is wholeheartedly and unreservedly giving to others and society.