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Stability is the Greatest Asset

What constitutes real happiness in life? Does happiness mean having lots of material wealth?

asphalt cloud color dawn 56 (Photo credit to PEXELS) 

What is real happiness? Is having a lot of material possessions the condition to be happy? Or is happiness found in enjoying leisure time? Real happiness lies in peace and stability. Without peace and stability, one will constantly live in fear.

Although Taiwan has a lot of foreign exchange reserves, a lot of people still find it not enough, they feel empty within. This shows that “money” cannot bring peace and stability to us. True stability should be in our hearts.

Buddha said, “Stability is the greatest asset.” If we are able to enjoy learning and practising the spiritual path, one will feel stable and happy despite leading a simple life. Buddha also said that contentment is the greatest wealth. A person who is contented is the richest person in the world. We only need to have one or two bowls of rice for meals and clothes to keep ourselves warm in our daily life. And we only need one bed to sleep at night. What we ought to hope for is to serve the society and not owe the society in any ways.  

There are people who are not satisfied despite already having a lot of possessions, such people are greedy. The thought of contributing to the society never crosses their mind, instead, they spend their time scheming to acquire illegal wealth. If one acquires his wealth illegally, he will not enjoy such wealth in peace because he will be disturbed by his conscience and live in fear for his entire life. There is no happiness in this kind of life.

Being born a human in this world, one should unleash his capability and potential for the benefit of others. Time is meant to be utilized wisely, so we should constantly think of how to benefit others in order to be a person who has contribution to this world.

Helping others is the source of happiness. If one could live a simple life and love and help others, he will be very happy. Those with excess ability should support those who are dependent, and those who have abundant wealth should happily donate to those in need, this is what makes a happy life.

The greatest asset in life is stability; the greatest wealth is contentment, and to lead a stable life is to have a happy life.