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Spread Love and Accumulate Merit

Great love goes beyond international boundaries and compassion knows no distance. True compassion is when we take immediate action to help and save others.

crop anonymous person planting seedling in garden bed 4207910 (Photo Credit: PEXELS)

Buddha said, “Life is constantly changing and countries are oftentimes in danger.” It is worrisome to look at recent natural catastrophe and man-made disasters.

People who age sixty and above would have impressions of the second world war. When there was air raid, the sirens would go off to notify all to take refuge in the underground bomb shelter. However, modern days warfare is carried out using computer. Not only does that give no time and space for civilians to escape the disaster, those seeking refuge underground are not necessarily safe from the horrific attack of atomic or nuclear bomb.

In April 1999, Yugoslavia was at war due to racial conflict. The crisis had resulted in tens of thousands of Kosovans becoming homeless and living in adversity. It is heart aching to see this tragedy! We are all humans who live on the same planet and breathing the same air, why should living together as different races be a problem?

According to the Buddhist sutra, the world will be facing at least three disasters during the dharma ending age, namely, “violence, famine and pandemic”. The first disaster can be major violence such as warfare between countries, moderate violence such as racial conflict within a country, or minor violence in the unscrupulous society. There were two world wars during the 20th century, when will the third world war happen? Nobody really knows. It could happen anytime in an instance. Therefore, we must be vigilant!

The second disaster is famine. Due to serious shortage of food, the people in North Korea dried and ground wild grasses to be mixed with corn flour to make pancakes for food. In other poor countries, people search for food and clothes in garbage dumps and sleep in paper cartons at night. In contrast, Taiwanese are living in abundance. We must always be grateful and appreciate what we have.

The third disaster is pandemic, which is a widespread of contagious disease. In modern days, people have sufficient nutritional intake and plenty of medical resources. Therefore, the medical field takes prevention and eradication of contagious diseases seriously. Many years ago, a racial conflict in Rwanda had turned many locals into refugees who were forced to live in refugee camps with poor hygiene which eventually led to an epidemic outbreak.

Why do “violence, famine and pandemic” happen? The answer is, they are caused by inner turmoil. Buddha said, “All living beings share a collective deed.” Bad deeds will become disasters and good deeds will become blessings. That is why I have always vowed to purify peoples’ mind to bring about a harmonious society. I also appeal to everyone to share their love and accumulate merits. Only by doing so can the world be free from disasters and misfortunes.

There are so many people who are living in hardships and enduring endless disasters. If we want to be relevant in Taiwan, we have to widen our horizon and look around the globe. Great compassion has no boundary and compassion knows no distance. We must immediately start rescuing others. I hope everyone will start sharing their love and see everyone’s love gathered into a great love. Any future misfortunes can be dissolved by our collective good deeds.