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Letting Go of Our Ego Self

To attain flawless character, we have to give up on our attachment to our ego-self.

(Photo by Chen Ya Yin)

Sentient beings are troubled because of the attachment to their ego-self. This will not only cause pain and trouble to oneself but also bring suffering to people around them. Therefore, to be free from afflictions, sentient beings must let go of their ego to break free from selfishness and ego state of mind. This will allow one to be connected with everything and become one with the universe. Let go of our ego in order to attain our higher self, only then could we feel at ease and be carefree.

We must always think for the benefit of others. If we are only thinking for ourselves, then we will not be able to achieve great success in our career, and also unable to improve and refine our character.

Therefore, to attain flawless character, the way to do it is to give up on our attachment to our ego-self. Only by doing so, would we be able to cultivate a peace of mind and have a healthy and happy life.  

We only live for a few decades as human, therefore, time is of utmost importance as we do not have much time in this life. For people who know how to make use of time, they will accumulate merits and cultivate the path of dharma, as it takes time to achieve whatever we want to achieve in life. For those who waste time, idling and mindlessly living day to day, they will only accumulate more and more bad karma.

We need a very long wisdom life of Dharmakaya. It is the life of enlightenment, the absolute and unmanifested body of Buddha which is beyond existence or nonexistence. The wisdom life of Dharmakaya can only be maintained through accumulation of merits, compassion and wisdom to ensure that it lasts. It is similar to our mortal body which needs air, food and water. Therefore, besides taking care of one’s mortal body, we have to work hard to attain the life of Dharmakaya. So, let’s practice compassion to keep the love going in this human world.    


Translated by Christine