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Compassion and Endurance

Compassion is an act of love. It is a bliss to love and be loved.

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Compassion is an act of love. It is bliss to love and be loved. However, such love often refers to the love among humans. This kind of love has a limit as it only targets people who are related to us or fated to have a relationship with us.

The kind of love mentioned in Buddhism is unconditional and boundless. It brings happiness to all living beings including those unrelated to us. Besides bringing happiness to them, one must rescue them from misery too. This is a love which is thorough and boundless. This is also the true meaning of compassion.

A love out of purity has no prejudice against anyone and is unrestrained by time nor distance. It does not discriminate against different religions and races too. As long as the suffering is happening at a time and location which can be seen or heard, people with such compassion would render as much help as possible, without requesting for anything in return. It is a form of pure love that extends to everyone. Therefore, it is also known as great compassion with no cause and great mercy that arise out of the enlightenment that all are one.

We must have this great compassionate to shine with the love of humanity. By doing so, we would be able to gather the strength of great compassion to help and save all sentient beings and achieve the state of having great compassion for all without condition.

However, love alone is not enough, one must be able to endure as well. Our miseries often arise from intolerance. In life, we are faced with both good times and adversity. Everybody loves the good times in life, while adversities are dreaded by all. However, we should not beg for an easy life and reject adversities. It takes endurance to be at peace with whatever situation we are in. With endurance, we would be able to unleash compassionate love and improve our external condition with a change in our mindset.