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Why is it rare to be born a human being?

Someone asked, “Why is it rare to be born a human being?”

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Someone asked, “Why is it rare to be born a human being?”

The Master answers:

The chances to be born as a human being is rare and precious because it has to meet with a lot of karmic conditions. The six realms of existence in Buddhism is a birth and death cycle, when life ends, the soul shifts from the dead body to a new body. However, rebirth may not occur in human form. Even if one is reborn in the heavenly realm where there is no pain and suffering, one would only be enjoying all the pleasures in life and lack the feeling of compassion for others. Heavenly beings are also not interested in searching for the truth and do not have the opportunity to create good karma. They will use up all their good karma and be reborn in the lower realms when their life in heaven ends. How miserable it would be if they were to enter the realms of animals, hell or hungry ghosts. Apart from suffering, these beings have no time and are not in the right condition to listen to dharma. In the human realm, we can see all aspects of the misery, which inspires us to seek enlightenment. Therefore, Buddha’s disciples must make good use of their precious human form and cherish the opportunity to be born in the human world. If we perform our duties in this world, we will not live our lives in vain and will leave the world with no regret.