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What is true giving?

Someone asked, “How do you define true giving?”

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(Photo by Chen Ya Yin) 

Someone asked, “How do you define true giving?”

The Master answers:

Donating money is a form of good deed. However, it need not be a large sum of money to be considered a good deed, instead, we should give within our means. True giving is when one is giving with no attachment nor afflictions. It is about giving away material possession out of kindness while detaching oneself from material possessions.

It is common to see people reacting in two ways after donating, some people get upset and regret for donating so much while some want their generosity known to others. The arising of such mentality shows that these are not true giving. After making donations, we must also let go of the attachment to the possession as doing so will make you feel comfortable. The giving would not be genuine if you feel disturbed. In Taiwan, Tzu Chi members who donate more are more likely to shrink their ego and be willing to do heavy manual labour, because they understand the true meaning of giving.