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How to let go of worldly desires?

Question: How to let go of worldly desires?

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Question: How to let go of worldly desires?

The Master answers:

Worldly desires are troubling to the mind, however, having desire is part of being human. The Chinese character for desire (欲) carries the meaning of hope and prospect, while the traditional Chinese character for desire (慾) has the character for “desire” on top of the character for "mind" (心), which depicts the adverse effects of desire on the mind, and that is us becoming alienated from our true self. If we could get rid of greed and desire, we would be able to go back to our pure innate nature.  

Buddha has desire too. Before Nirvana, Buddha gave up his wealth, status, and country for his desire to become enlightened. After attaining enlightenment, Buddha had another desire, which is to help people.

Many people have accepted and joined Tzu Chi for the same reason. No one is exempted from the natural law of life cycle as well as the sufferings brought by greed and dissatisfaction. In Tzu Chi, people learn to understand life and liberate themselves from the sufferings caused by desire and pain connected to life and death. From there, they learn to value life more and give back to the society with their ability.