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How to cultivate the ‘just do it’ attitude?

Question: How to cultivate the "just do it" attitude?

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(Photo by Lai Tong Heng) 

Someone asked, “You have been working hard to achieve your aspirations with countless setbacks and frustrations over the years. Perseverance, determination, and patience are essential to overcome the difficulties. How do we cultivate this kind of qualities?”

The Master answers:

We need to have a purpose in life. It is the same as spiritual cultivation that cultivates one’s mind and improves one’s character and behaviour. Practising spiritually starts with determination, which requires a goal and some motivation.

Thus, it is critical to set the right goals in life. We want to foster good character traits and use our abilities to serve the community, rather than to pursue the satisfaction of personal desires or material enjoyment. When we have the right goal, we will possess the power of great love. This power brings perseverance, courage, and motivation that help us overcome all kinds of difficulties.