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Desireless state of mind

Someone asked, “How to live without desire?”

49626175857 9a26049503 k(Photo by Chen Ya Yin) 

Someone asked, “How to live without desire?”

The Master answers:

Living without desire requires transcendence. However, without enlightenment, one cannot transcend. Without enlightenment, it is inevitable for one to get trapped in a complicated interpersonal relationship and be controlled by lust, fame and fortune. Transcendence and enlightenment can be achieved through learning and education, which expand our vision.

Enlightenment means the mind is without attachment and is pure and clear, and that is our innate wisdom. However, attachment is inevitable in the human world. If Buddha has no attachment to the sentient beings, he would not have returned to this saha world (a world of endurance and suffering), as he had already freed himself from the cycle of birth and death and awakened to the truth of life.