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Gaining Little and Losing Big due to Greed

There was a village at the seaside. The villagers were farmers who sometimes fish from the sea. One day...

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Greed is the source of all evil. Human’s indulgence in fortune, fame and sexual pleasures often bury their innate virtue and wisdom, causing them to commit all sorts of immoral acts. In the end, these people will have to bear the consequences of their bad deeds.

There was a village at the seaside. The villagers were farmers who sometimes fish from the sea. One day, a villager and his son went fishing at a lake that is connected to the sea. He thought that there must be plenty of fishes in the lake since it is connected to the sea.

The villager hurled his fishing line into the lake and the hook soon caught on something heavy. He tried to haul back his catch, but he couldn’t. He happily thought, “I might have caught a giant fish!”

He then worried that the other villagers would come fish at the lake if his catch was seen by others. If that happens, all the fishes in the lake would be gone very soon.

Therefore, the villager said to his son, "Go home to inform your mother that I have caught a big fish. In order not to alarm the others, ask her to pick a fight with someone to distract people from finding out that I have caught a big fish. " 

The son then went home and told his mother what the father said. The mother opined that picking up a fight might not attract everyone's attention, and so, she put two leaves on her ears as earrings and painted the perimeter of her eyes with black ink. After that, she went out and walked around in the village.

A friend of her saw her and exclaimed in surprise, "Why are you looking like this? Are you out of your mind?”

The mother then took the opportunity to yell at her friend, "I am not crazy! How dare you insult me? I am going to ask the village chief to fine you for insulting me!"

Their heated argument and fight attracted the attention of other villagers. The villagers then followed them to the home of the village chief as they were curious to see how the chief would dissolve this matter.

After listening to both parties, the chief commented, "You really look weird! Whoever saw you would think that you are not in the right mind. Moreover, you made so much noise and became a nuisance to other villagers. You should be fined for your bad behaviours.

At the lake, the villager was still trying his best to pull up his catch. Yet, there was no way he could haul back his fishing line no matter how hard he tried. Worried that the line might break if he pulled too hard, the villager took off his clothes and jumped into the lake in search of the giant fish. To his dismay, the hook had actually caught on the branches of a tree under the lake.

Feeling upset, the villager then tried to release the hook from the branches. Unfortunately, his eye was wounded by the springing back of the released hook. He had to put up with the pain in his eye to swim to the surface. He was wet and cold after getting out of the lake. To make the situation worse, he was forced to walk home only in his underwear as his garment was stolen.  

This little tale tells us to not be greedy. We should be compassionate and generous to those who are less fortunate than us. If we could let go of the desire for fortune and fame, and cultivate merits in our daily life, we will be free from troubles and annoyance and be blessed with more blessings.  

Our karma would forever follow us no matter where we are. Thus, we must accept whatever we encounter with joy. Buddha mentioned about the collective karma of living beings. If we live among kind people, we would have good outcomes even when we meet with atrocities. There will also be less disaster in our life. On the contrary, if we reside in a society filled with evil thoughts, we will keep encountering both natural and man-made disasters. Therefore, we make good use of our life to serve the society and be kind to everyone. In doing so, Taiwan would be blessed and free from disasters.