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  1. Head of Charity Services
  2. Staff Nurse
  3. Staff Nurse Home Care
  4. Therapy Assistant
  5. Dental Service Associate
  6. 美术设计师
  7. 英文编辑
  8. 多媒体文字记者(中文)
  9. HR Senior Executive / Assistant Manager
Head of Charity Services Tzu Chi Foundation (Singapore) - Charity Development Department
  • Assist management in the leading of Charity Development Department and overall administration of its services
  • Casework
    • Develop professional and engaged relationship with clients, community partners, and relevant stakeholders
    • Conduct ongoing individual and family counselling through face-face sessions or home visits
    • Conduct independently/guide the team and volunteers to perform needs assessment and risk assessment for complex cases by considering the integration of a range of information
    • Exercise good judgement and discretion in dealing with confidential information
    • Work closely with multi-disciplinary team and/or agencies to deliver care/case plans
    • Prepare reports and ensure documentations are in place
  • Groupwork
    • Lead group work for targeted groups i.e. support group, task group, etc.
    • Develop and drive outreach programmes for individuals and/or targeted groups, based on the organisation’s outreach strategy.
  • Community Work
    • Strategise and lead environment scanning and assessment of community needs
    • Initiate, design, develop and implement programmes to meet the community’s needs
  • Professional Development and Education
    • Seek out continuous learning opportunities such as case review meetings, practice research, etc to further develop skills and capabilities
    • Share new or best practice knowledge to encourage a culture of learning and continuous improvement
    • Provide supervision and coaching to, and performs performance evaluation of supervisees (e.g. junior social workers, social associates, social assistants, etc) and volunteers
    • Participate in departmental and volunteer meetings, and case conferences as required and share information in a respectful, non-judgmental manner
    • Present cases for discussion on platforms such as departmental or inter-departmental or volunteer meetings especially for the complex issues
    • Monitor the application of principals and protocols as guided by professional Code of Ethics, and identify and respond to ethical concerns in practice
    • Plan and conduct/provide guidance for the development of education and training programmes for the charity team and volunteers
  • Programmes Development and Implementation
    • Lead the development of programmes targeted at service gaps and service delivery issues
    • Design programmes and conduct outcome-based evaluation to ensure that programmes are able to support the needs of gaps identified/key clients
    • Manage and oversee the end-to-end development and delivery of programmes
  • Professional Leadership
    • Guide the delivery of social services by the charity team and volunteers to ensure adherence to Code of Ethics, Standard of Practice, and internal guidelines
    • Prepare social and other related reports for management and other related stakeholders
  • Maintain and ensure regular and timely recording of data in Charity System
  • Assist with the various internal and external audits
  • Preparation and submission of monthly and ad-hoc reports 
  • Undertake any other duties as directed by management
  • Minimum Degree and/or Postgraduate Diploma in Social Work or other related discipline(s)
  • Confident, mature, energetic and resourceful with strong leadership
  • A positive attitude with the ability to think out of the box
  • Receptive to feedback from others 
  • Ability to handle a high level of confidential and sensitive information
  • Good written communication skills to document information in a clear, concise and accurate manner
  • Able to work in a multi-disciplinary team, with good interpersonal skills to communicate with people at all levels such as clients, government agencies, volunteers, internal departments, etc.
  • Effectively bilingual in English & Mandarin; ability to communicate in vernacular languages is a plus
  • Proficient in MS Office
  • Willing to work after office hours and flexibility in work arrangement is expected when need arises
  • Ability to adapt to working in a volunteer-centric environment 
  • At least 4 - 6 years of relevant working experience with the underprivileged community
Staff Nurse Tzu Chi Foundation (Singapore) - Lakeside Family Medicine Clinic (LFMC)

Core Duties

  • Work collaboratively with other members of healthcare team so that a holistic, safe and personalized quality centered care was provided to patients
  • Provide nursing procedures for patients in accordance to standard of nursing practice. Adhere to infection control practices 
  • Assess, plan, implement and evaluate care for patients.
  • Prepare and assist physician with procedures done on patients.
  • Serve as patients’ advocate when required
  • Document care given and monitoring outcomes on the established charts and forms
  • Provide patients information and education on disease prevention, process and rehabilitation
  • Dispense medicines to patients. Ensure correct and sufficient quantity of medicine is dispensed, and proper documentation is done for the medicines dispensed
  • Maintain effective communication and interpersonal relations with patients / families
  • Check medical consumables and medicine stock on a regular basis to ensure sufficient stock and place orders if required. Maintain a tracking list for the inventory items

Secondary Duties

  • Provide administrative support to the center daily operations
  • Schedule appointments and follow up. Observe PDPA (Personnel Data Protective Act) guidelines
  • Assist clinic logistic officer in weekly medication stock taking
  • Contribute to the dissemination of good practice by participating in the teaching and learning activities
  • Ensure smooth running of clinic, maintain tidiness and cleanliness at all times
  • Respond to public enquiries, communicate with patients when necessary
  • Assist in improving the clinic operational efficiency and efficacy
  • Key in and update, analyze data and prepare reports
  • Assist in maintaining the inventories
  • Possess relevant SNB Certificate, BCLs and AED certified
  • Possess good interpersonal and communication skills
  • Bilingual in English and Chinese
  • Possess two years or more of relevant working experience as RN duties is essential
  • Handle sensitive information with highest degree of integrity and confidentiality
  • Display compassion, positive and caring attitude towards internal and external clients
  • Have great interest or passion working for an NGO or a VWO
Staff Nurse Home Care Tzu Chi Foundation (Singapore) - Lakeside Family Medicine Clinic (LFMC)

Patient Care Management

  • Assess, plan, implement and evaluate care for patient
  • Communicate and discuss patients’ treatment with physicians and nursing colleagues taking care of patient
  • Carry out treatments and procedure as prescribed by physicians in accordance to the standard of nursing practice to meet patients’ physical and emotional needs
  • Document care given and monitoring outcomes on the established charts and forms
  • Coordinate all patient-related activities for continuity of care. Follows-up to ensure continuity of patient care and treatment plans


  • Dispensing and administration of medicines to patients
  • Document care given and monitoring outcomes on the established charts and forms
  • Prepare and assist physicians with procedures done on patients
  • Perform nursing procedure eg venipuncture, urinary catheterization, insertion of NGT, wound care etc.
  • Collaborate and co-operate with physicians and other health-care providers in the smooth delivery of patient care and services
  • Display compassion, a positive and caring attitude towards patients, internal and external clients
  • Provide patient/family information and education on disease prevention, process and rehabilitation
  • Adhere to infection control practices
  • Maintain a clean and safe working environment

Home Medical and Nursing Services

  • Evaluate and monitor the outcomes of home medical patient care delivery
  • Attend Bi-Monthly Medical Meeting to review clinic practices and medical outreach patients’ conditions
  • Possess relevant SNB Certificate, BCLs and AED certified 
  • Possess good interpersonal and communication skills
  • Bilingual in English and Chinese
  • Have great interest or passion working for an NGO or a VWO
  • Possess two years or more of relevant working experience as RN duties for Home Care is essential
Therapy Assistant Tzu Chi Foundation (Singapore) - Tzu Chi Day Rehabilitation Centre

Areas of Accountabilities

  • Clinical roles
  • Assist the Physiotherapist (PT) during initial assessment and follow-up review
    • Carry out treatment regimes prescribed including exercise regimes within areas of written competence
    • Effectively manage self and workload including:
      • Manage and prioritise own day-to-day caseload / work schedule with the support from the rest of the team
      • Document therapy treatment in the therapy records as required by the Day Rehab Centre (DRC)
  • Procedure
    • Help maintain assessment forms, patient’s therapy records and filing system
    • Practice infection control measures while serving patients at home or the DRC

Staff Development / Education

  • Update clinical skills related to home physiotherapy service
  • Attend in-service training on home therapy / DRC service
  • Assume additional responsibilities as required
  • Support new initiatives and changes implemented by the Foundation
  • Assist the PT in the provision of home therapy / DRC service to patients
  • Participate in community activities as assigned by PT
  • Good ‘N’ or ‘O’ level with maximum 3 credits
  • Possess ITE Certificate or recognized certificate in Therapy Assistant
  • Service-oriented and patient-centered
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills
  • Basic skills in Word and Excel
Dental Service Associate Tzu Chi Foundation (Singapore) - Tzu Chi Free Clinic

General duties

  • Attend to patients and able to interact with them comfortably
  • Handle registration and observe PDPA (Personnel Data Protective Act) guidelines
  • Answer phone calls and attend to enquiries effectively
  • Schedule appointments and follow up
  • Perform administrative duties, data-entry and filing
  • Handle sensitive information with the highest degree of integrity and confidentiality
  • Support new initiatives and changes implemented by the Foundation

Dental Duties

  • Assist the dentist during a variety of treatment procedures (e.g. taking and developing dental radiographs (x-rays))
  • Obtain patient’s medical history; take blood pressure and pulse
  • Serve as an infection control officer, develop infection control protocol; prepare and sterilize instruments and equipment
  • Teach the patients appropriate oral hygiene strategies to maintain oral health (e.g. tooth brushing, flossing and nutritional counseling)
  • Assist in providing direct client care in all dental specialties, including orthodontics, periodontics and oral surgery
  • Troubleshoot any faulty dental equipment/instrument and contact vendor when necessary

CHAS Claims

  • Input CHAS claims, via the authorized CHAS claims portal, on a schedule as per regulatory requirements
  • Input relevant medical diagnoses/dental procedures
  • Submit CHAS claims listing and claims received listing monthly to the Finance Department, as per accounting requirements
  • At lease GCE ‘O’ level or equivalent 
  • Friendly disposition and service oriented
  • Possess good communication/interpersonal skills and have basic computer skills
  • Ability to manage CHAS claims and oversee the operations of the clinic
  • Possess at least 2 years of related work experience
美术设计师 慈济基金会(新加坡)- 人文志业发展室(文宣部)
  • 人文志业发展室自制作品的美术设计及排版
  • 志业体、活动文宣品设计及制作
  • 志业体、活动场地布置
  • 大爱人文馆内容更新
  • 文宣志工教育训练
  • 协助维护慈济的企业形象标识(CSI)
  • 行政事务与其他
  • 持有平面设计、多媒体设计相关的专科文凭或学士文凭
  • 能熟练操作专业设计软体如Adobe Photoshop / Lightroom / Indesign / Dreamweaver
  • 熟悉DTP,或具备平面印刷经验者为佳
  • 对场地布置与规划感兴趣
  • 态度积极主动,做事细心谨慎,能独立作业同时具备团队精神
  • 对NGO/VWO/慈善工作怀抱热忱
  • 至少两年的平面设计、多媒体设计或创意工作相关工作经验
英文编辑 慈济基金会(新加坡)- 人文志业发展室(期刊暨文史部)
  • 译稿编修与校订
  • 文稿翻译或编译
  • 社群媒体(如FB)经营、内容规划、编辑和上传
  • 基金会英文网站企划与上传
  • 期刊英文内容企划
  • 行政事务与其他
  • 持有英文系/翻译系/大众传播系/新闻系相关的专科文凭或学士文凭
  • 良好的英文掌握能力(听、读、写);中等或以上的中文掌握能力
  • 熟悉并能使用社群媒体(如FB/IG/Whatsapp)
  • 态度积极主动,做事细心谨慎,能独立作业同时具备团队精神
  • 愿意配合不定期的非工作日作业
  • 对NGO/VWO/慈善工作怀抱热忱,具备慈济精神理念更佳
  • 至少一年翻译、编辑或采访相关工作经验
多媒体文字记者(中文) 慈济基金会(新加坡)- 人文志业发展室(影视组)
  • 中文电视新闻报导 
  • 短片制作 
  • 初剪画面 
  • 协助现场投影 
  • 联系录影志工
  • 具备电视新闻写作及整合能力,能独立进行报导策划
  • 若具备电视节目写作经验更佳
  • 中文写作及沟通能力佳,也需具备英文沟通能力
  • 适应团队合作,能随时调整工作时间
  • 关注社会议题
  • 至少1年的电视新闻写作经验
HR Senior Executive / Assistant Manager Tzu Chi Foundation (Singapore) - Administrative & Operations Department
  • Assist HOD and Management to manage and ensure smooth running of daily HR operations
  • Be actively involved in the full spectrum of HR functions including HR policies, staffing & recruitment, compensation and benefits, discipline handling, performance management, learning and development and foreign employees matters
  • Responsible for full spectrum of recruitment and resignation (e.g. job postings, sourcing, screening of resume, arranging interviews, processing resignation letters, exit interviews etc.)
  • Responsible for preparation and submission of monthly payroll information and mandatory online submissions to government agencies
  • Responsible for processing employees' information and maintaining employee records on the HR System (including leaves & claims applications, etc.)
  • Conduct orientation/induction program for new employees
  • Administer operational aspects of employee benefits programme
  • Assist with various internal and external audits
  • Assist in the preparation and submission of monthly and ad-hoc HR management reports and surveys
  • Undertake any other duties as directed by the HOD and management
  • Candidate must possess at least a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resource Management or equivalent with a few years of relevant HR working experiences
  • Knowledge of Employment Act
  • Computer literate in HR Information System, preferably TIMESOFT
  • Experience in payroll process is preferred
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office (Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint)
  • Proficient in Mandarin and English (speaking and writing)
  • A strong interest to serve a VWO with a humanitarian spirit