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What is the Significance of the “Red Packets of Blessings and Wisdom”?

During every Year End Blessing Ceremony each year, Tzu Chi volunteers and attendees of the ceremony will receive a “Red Packet of Blessings and Wisdom”. They are made using the royalties from Dharma Master Cheng Yen’s publications and the profit from the sale of Jing Si products made by the monastic community in Tzu Chi Taiwan’s Jing Si Abode.

Each of these “Red Packets” carries gratitude and blessings from the Dharma masters, and the hope that everyone will continue to cultivate merits and wisdom in their everyday life.

red envelope 2018 1

Inspiration Behind the Design

Each year, the “Red Packets of Blessings and Wisdom” are designed with a different theme inspired by the Buddha’s teachings in the sutras. This year’s theme is based on a passage taken from the Wondrous Lotus Sutra: “Great compassion is the room; gentleness and patience are their (i.e. the Buddha’s disciples) clothing; the emptiness of all phenomena is the seat. Being there, they expound the Dharma.”

Great compassion is the room
Every living being has Buddha nature. We must connect with the Buddha’s heart by keeping a heart of great compassion at all times.

Gentleness and patience are their clothing
Pacify strong and unyielding living beings with gentleness and patience. Guide them to do good and cultivate goodness, and to refrain from doing bad.

The emptiness of all phenomena is the seat
Help and guide living beings with a clear and pure mind. Give unconditionally and be grateful for the opportunity to contribute.

Being there, they expound the Dharma
Buddhists must lead by example and live by the Dharma. May everyone take the teachings to heart and practise them in daily life.

red envelope 2018 4

red envelope 2018 3

The front cover of the “Red Packet of Blessings and Wisdom” this year is printed with an image of Jing Si Abode. It is the birthplace of Jing Si Dharma Lineage, the symbol of Tzu Chi Path, and the spiritual home of Tzu Chi volunteers and members around the world.

Inside each “Red Packet”, you will see an image of The Great Enlightened One of the Universe gently caressing Planet Earth. It symbolises the Buddha, who has thoroughly awakened to the truths of the universe. Hence, Master Cheng Yen hopes that everyone will emulate the compassion and wisdom of the Great Enlightened One, care for our planet and protect all life, to create a Pure Land in this world.

The coin placed on the right depicts an image of “The Buddha Nursing the Sick”, which serves to inspire everyone to go amongst people to bring relief to the sick and suffering. The three rice grains on the inside of the “Red Packet” represent conscientious effort in cultivating “precepts, samadhi and wisdom”, as well as courage and diligence in practicing our faith by making vows and living them out on the Bodhisattva Path.