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Great Love Student Care Centre

A Fun and Natural Learning Environment

In modern Singapore, many primary school students from dual-income families where both parents are working, go to a student care centre for afterschool care.  Hence, a student care centre is like a second home to the children, offering busy parents peace of mind with the knowledge that their children are in safe hands.

Located in a beautiful colonial house surrounded by an oasis of lush greenery along Queen’s Avenue in Sembawang, the Tzu Chi Great Love Student Care Centre officially welcomed its first batch of students on 3rd January 2017.

education student care centre 1

The Centre is equipped with three classrooms and a dining hall in the middle, where healthy vegetarian meals and snacks are served. There is also a television set in the living hall screening educational videos.

education student care centre 2

education student care centre 3

Besides providing the usual transport and student care services, such as homework supervision, the Centre is also focused on teaching independent living skills, helping the children cultivate good living habits and develop self-reliance and self-confidence. Through the use of Jing Si Aphorisms, teachers at the Centre work to inculcate positive values and foster character development in students. In addition, artistic and extra-curricular classes, such as flower arrangement, tea art, making snacks, and art & craft are conducted periodically. The wide variety of hands-on activities serve to enrich the students’ learning experience and enhance their creativity.

A distinctive feature of the Great Love Student Care Centre is its surrounding lush greenery, accompanied by beautiful bird songs and sounds of insects. At a closer look, one may even see traces of small critters making their homes amidst the trees and shrubs. There is a small vegetable plot in front of the Student Care Centre, which allows the children to be up close with Nature and to experience the joy of growing their own vegetables. With the many outdoor learning opportunities, the children can develop their senses through exploration and discovery in the midst of Nature.

Opening Hours
School term: Monday – Friday (1pm  7pm)
School holidays: Monday – Friday (7am  7pm)
Meals provided:Vegetarian
Open to: Primary school students (P1–P6)
Tuition (additional charges apply): English, Chinese, Maths & Science

If you wish to enroll your child, please register on this website:


Please feel free to contact us below for more information:
Tel: (65) 6753 0135
Address: 135 Queen’s Avenue, Singapore 758591

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