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Environmental Sustainability Day

Our Monthly Recycling Day is now renamed as Environmental Sustainability Day (formerly known as Tzu Chi Recycling Day) and is still suspended without a definite date for resumption. Meanwhile, you may drop your recyclables at our Tzu Chi Eco-Awareness Centre (see below operations update).

Our renamed activity will have a wider coverage which includes scopes relating to environment such as food waste, eco lifestyle, saving water, etc. We hope to encourage everyone to cultivate sustainable habits in favour of a greener environment!

Necessary adjustments have been made at Tzu Chi Eco-Awareness Centre to comply with the gradually lifted preventive measures. Hence, we urge for cooperation from the public to sort their own recyclables at home before dropping them into the right containers at the centre. Please refer to our website on what can and can’t be recycled: www.tzuchi.org.sg/en/our-missions/environmental-protection/recycling-points#recyclables

Operations Update

Tzu Chi Eco Awareness Centre:
Operating hours: 9am - 4pm, only on Saturdays
Address: Level 1, 1 Woodlands Sector 1, Nylect Industrial Building, Singapore 738309

Environmental Sustainability Day: Suspended until further notice.

Given the existing circumstances, we seek your understanding in this matter. In Tzu Chi, we focus on 5Rs, i.e. Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Repair and Recycle. Join us in this journey to move towards a Zero Waste nation by practising 5Rs!