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Duration | 2:19

Category | Education

Organisation | Tzu-Chi Foundation (Singapore)

Young people embrace their youth to make a positive impact on society

35 students from various colleges and universities attended the Tzu Ching Experiential Day, eager to learn more about Tzu Chi. Tzu Ching seniors organised both interactive and reflective sessions for participants to explore the impact of youth in giving back to society. Throughout the 12-hour event, the participants exchanged ideas, shared experiences, and gained not only new friendships but also the motivation to move forward.

A group of young people is meeting up this Sunday morning. What are they up to?

Hey you blocked the way? I want to cross, you know?
Are you okay? I help you take.

Guys don’t be like that, you know? We must be nice and friendly to the elderly.

Host:Please do take some time to think, what is important to you, and what is important to others?

35 youths from various colleges and universities reflected on building a better society by harnessing the power of youth through various thematic sessions during the Tzu Ching Experiential Day.

Participant Chester Koh Zhi Wei: 

Before this, I was only in JIPOS. Today, I have the opportunity to reach out to more peers to learn and grow together, which I think is fantastic. Here at Tzu Chi, they share simple and common ideas. Anyone can join this organisation, regardless of race, which is a great thing.

Tzu Chi volunteer Lim Choon Choon: The first ten years of my journey with Tzu Chi, is friendship.

Participant Hao Jing: Sister Choon Choon shared that she joined Tzu Chi at the age of 17, meaning she has undergone numerous milestones and she is still with the organisation, I think it’s amazing. There are truly people who have been committed for over 20 years, showing that it's possible for me to do the same for the next 20 years. She also shared a quote that I really like: "Do not avoid doing a good deed even if it seems trivial." I think that is something that can inspire the youth.  

Learning from others' sharing, Tzu Ching, is a platform for young people to gather kind thoughts.

Tzu Ching Melissa: Quite nice to come and do something together with your friends, and it can be like a good channel or like platform to do something having fun together with your friends. I made a lot of new friends here.

Graduated Tzu Ching  Yi Qian: My horizon has expanded. Before joining Tzu Ching, it was relatively rare to have the opportunity to witness suffering and appreciate blessings. Young people now possess the vitality to do good and help those in need the most. This ensures our youth aren't wasted or left unfulfilled.

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