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Duration | 1:58

Category | Miscellaneous

Organisation | Tzu Chi Merit Organization (Singapore)

Volunteer Recruitment in Lumbini over a Tea Gathering

In order to promote the development of charity, medical care and education services in Nepal, Tzu Chi volunteers held a tea gathering in Lumbini with the hope of recruiting more local volunteers to serve the needy in Nepal.

Tzu Chi volunteer: Tzu Chi started its charity mission with the bamboo coin bank practice, which was initiated by several housewives in the early days.

Introducing Tzu Chi in Nepali during the Lumbini humanistic culture tea party, local Tzu Chi volunteers took the lead in event planning, guiding and sharing stories.

Tzu Chi Singapore volunteer, Goh Lam Kia: When we recruited volunteers in Lumbini, they (local volunteers) were our main force, while we foreign volunteers were their helpers. By cooperating with each other, we could uncover more volunteers.

The volunteers talked about Tzu Chi whenever they meet people. Although limited by the space of Tzu Chi’s premise in Lumbini, with a cap of 12 people each time, the volunteers were able to share their sincere words and inspire the people present.

Member of public, Rajkumar Yadav: We are sons of the Buddha. We should also go and share the Dharma (with everyone) like Buddha. Tzu Chi has been supporting us a lot and now we will also support Tzu Chi.

Member of public, Rakesh Kumar Gupta: We have youth clubs with many members and we can get more volunteers from there. They are interested to work with Tzu Chi. If we have more such programmes, we can invite them to learn more about Tzu Chi.

Tzu Chi Singapore volunteer: When all the people can be together, I believe we can succeed in Lumbini.

With more people, comes more strength. Hopefully, more locals will join the ranks of Tzu Chi in the future and work together to contribute to Nepal.

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