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Duration | 2:09

Category | Miscellaneous

Organisation | Tzu Chi Merit (Singapore)

Sutra Adaptation Performances Set Sail from Lion City

The world has already set sail on board the Dharma ship to discover the truth of life. Are you on board?

In December, the sutra adaptation of the "Wondrous Dharma Essence of Lotus Sutra" will be performed simultaneously with Taiwan Tzu Chi volunteers. More than 700 Tzu Chi volunteers in Singapore have begun actively practising since half a year ago.


Sutra adaptation performance coordinator, Lew Loon Keong: Basically, everyone around the world is synchronising. So why are there five sessions over two days? It is to depict the scenario that the sun never sets, it is only during this time that we are able to reach out to countries from different time zones, and perform the sutra adaptation together with full focus.


Tzu Chi volunteer: Palms held together at 45 degrees, then after the second drum sound, groups A and B will kneel.

There are five performances across two days, with a formation of 182 people per session, neat movements are key to presenting a solemn spirit. This is also a test for those who are teaching.

Sutra adaptation performance volunteer teacher Lee Wen Jie: Maybe for some volunteers, no matter how we explain, they don't understand, but we have to keep trying. As long as the volunteers are willing to devote their time and energy to the performance, we have the responsibility and mission to teach them well.

Sutra adaptation performance coordinator, Lew Loon Keong: When everyone came back, it felt as if we had made an agreement with Master Cheng Yen 2,500 years ago, and then made a vow in front of the Buddha, everyone must be disciples who will not quit, performing the sutra adaptation together, it is like returning to the Vulture’s Peak.

Tzu Chi volunteer: The Sutra of Infinite Meanings provides us with different ways to deal with our troubles.

Teaching through sharing the Dharma, every movement is a Dharma practice. In this Dharma assembly, the volunteers were aligned in the same direction – to serve Buddhism and all living beings.

Tzu Chi volunteer, Sim Leong Huat: This is not just a sutra adaptation performance, it is an expression of our feelings. This is the way to become a Buddha, and this is the only way to go. It is up to everyone to be committed and follow in Master Cheng Yen’s footsteps in every lifetime.

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