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Precautionary steps are strictly complied during the 2020 Year End Blessing ceremony

In order to let the members of the public to attend Tzu Chi Singapore’s Year End Blessing 2020 ceremony at Jing Si Hall, volunteers had overcome various challenges to make it happen. With the coronavirus situation coming under control, Singapore is now in its Phase 3 of reopening, however, various preventive measures must still be strictly complied with. The workload before and after the event has increased, but the number of staff had been reduced to free up more quota for the congregation.  

Dividing Jing Si Hall into three zones, each with a limit of 50 people and its own access to avoid cross infection. Volunteers strictly adhered to the preventive measures to make sure that the participants attend the ceremony in a safe and secure space.

Pang Yen Ne, Coordinator for the YEB ceremony: When people arrive, we will screen their temperature and make sure that their mask is on. The Safe Entry is in place, one-meter social distancing is complied with, and disinfection of chairs, lotus lamps, stair handrails and toilets are carried out between each session.

Low Ching Chew, Coordinator for the YEB ceremony: It looks simple, but the details are cumbersome. Because each time we do one thing, we have to consider if it complies with the regulation. We had meetings more often than before, and the movement flow has been changed many times.

This year’s theme is “Learn the Great Lessons of Our Time and Benefit All Beings”, the current crisis is a great lesson for us. With such great lesson, we should be awakened and stop the killing (of animals).  

Under the new norm, volunteers are willing to take up multiple roles just to allow more people to take part in the event.

Low Ching Chew, Coordinator for the YEB ceremony: I believe that everyone will cherish this opportunity and feel so grateful to see everyone doing well and are here to take on this role.

Wong Nyon Moi, Tzu Chi volunteer: Because it’s been a long time since we are back. We would appreciate it if we could (come back here to contribute). We’ve been meeting online for a long time, and it feels like something is missing. I feel that it is better to have such interaction between people.

Donning of face masks and safe distancing do not make people indifferent. With well wishes in their hearts, the warmth of Tzu Chi volunteers will calm the anxieties of the past year and welcome the new year with hope.  

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