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Duration | 1:40

Category | Education

Organisation | Tzu Chi Foundation (Singapore)

A Sports Meet Unlike Any Other

Tzu Chi Parent-Child Bonding Class and Tzu Chi Teenagers’ Class (Tzu Shao) recently held their inaugural Tzu Shao Parent-Child Sports Meet in June. The unique feature of this sports event was the incorporation of the elements of Tzu Chi’s Four Missions into the games. One of these games, which simulated Tzu Chi’s relief mission operation, gave the students and their parents an opportunity to experience the difficulties faced by Tzu Chi’s relief volunteers and how the latter bravely persevered to provide relief to disaster victims. The event was participated by more than 500 people, out of which 230 were volunteers on duty.     

 This is the first sports meet jointly organised by Tzu Chi’s Parent-Child Bonding Class and Teenagers’ Class. However, we don't see events like races, high jump, long jump etc. Instead, participants are tasked to set up tents.

 Event coordinator Fong Kok Kee
We already started arranging for the students to learn how to set up tents since last year, to let them know that it is not an easy task. Humanistic values are emphasised  throughout the event. The games aren’t about speed nor winning. Humanistic values, cooperation and teamwork are also important.

 During the game that simulates a Tzu Chi relief mission, the students and parents personally experience the hardships at a disaster zone by going through a number of obstacles before they actually deliver the relief supplies to the  disaster victims.

 Parent Chai Buay Ching
I learned how it is like to be part of Tzu Chi’s relief mission. For example, we need to set up tents and distribute relief supplies. The toughest part is transporting the supplies to the disaster zone. I can feel how difficult it is for the people in an actual disaster zone

 Parent Pang Se Wui
This event lets them (children) understand what team spirit is. It requires effort from everyone to complete a mission. It can’t be done alone.

 Tzu Chi volunteers seized the opportunity to advocate about environmental conservation during break time.

 This special sports meet enabled the participants to learn about humanistic values and to experience the process of bringing relief to the suffering, allowing the parents and their children to grow together.

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