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Duration | 2:10

Category | Miscellaneous

Organisation | Tzu Chi Merit (Singapore)

Helping women pick up useful skills for life

In Nepal, women are not highly educated. Some drop out of school early, leaving the opportunity to study to the men in the family. Others also stay at home as housewives after marriage. In order to give women more opportunities to earn a living, Tzu Chi started offering different kinds of classes, with sewing being the first. Volunteers overcame all kinds of challenges and arranged venues, tools and teachers for the class, all in hope of helping the women with their household expenses and improving their quality of life.

Witnessed by the Mayor of Lumbini Sanskritik, Tzu Chi's sewing class for women was officially established. It is a form of gift and hope for the women.

Tzu Chi Nepal volunteer, Manoj Dhawal: The women in this area are unemployed and uneducated, and this impacts their financial capability. I hope to improve the condition of these women through teaching skills which allow them to earn some money.  

Volunteers personally went to Kathmandu to buy sewing machines.

Overcoming various challenges, volunteers arranged teachers, venues and equipment to allow women to attend classes with peace of mind.

The original site was flooded during the rainy season, so volunteers converted the storage room into a classroom.

Tzu Chi Singapore volunteer, Goh Lam Kia: We just cleared out the clutter in here, installed fans and lights, With this, the place will have a brand new look and welcomed the women in our village to kick start this sewing class.

It has been 3 months since the sewing class was opened. The teacher taught it carefully, and 14 students seized the opportunity to come to the class regardless of the weather.

Sewing class teacher, Pooja Khadka: At first students could not even hold the scissor properly, now they are able to sew their own clothes. I’m very happy to teach them this skill.

Sewing class student, Sajina Khatun: The teacher taught us to make cap, suit, dress and many more. I hope to become a tailor after learning.

Tzu Chi Malaysia volunteer, Tang Kiat Beng: This skills training makes them feel that women are not just housewives, they can also help the whole family, increase the family's income, and improve their lives.

After completing their classes, the women will have the opportunity to help sew school uniforms and earn an income. Through learning one more craft, they are able to rely on their own hands to work towards a more promising future.

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