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Organisation | Tzu Chi Foundation (Singapore)

A Hari Raya Celebration that Transcends Race and Religion

This is the second Hari Raya Cele­bration organised by Tzu Chi Singapore for its Muslim aid recipients. The event was attended by 133 beneficiaries and their families, who are already on familiar terms with the volunteers, with continued care and companionship rendered by the latter. Although the Hari Raya holiday was over, it did not dampen the joyful, festive atmosphere of the celebration.

With smiling faces, Tzu Chi's Muslim beneficiaries take turns to pose for a photo while seated against a backdrop with a Hari Raya theme.

 The venue is filled with a joyful festive atmosphere. Some volunteers even dressed in Malay costumes to share in the festive joy with the aid recipients.

 Volunteer Liw See Kew:
We are wearing this because it’s a Hari Raya celebration, and we want them to know that we are a family. In doing so, we are able to draw closer to each other.

 Volunteers also specially prepared booklets of Jing Si Aphorisms with Malay translations for the beneficiaries.

 Volunteer Chan Bee Lian:
All the aid recipients present today are Malays. The elderly may be more familiar with the Malay language, so we thought of requesting for these bilingual booklets from Tzu Chi Indonesia beforehand.

 Rubiah was seen wiping off her tears repeatedly amid the joyful celebration, as her husband had just passed away in May. She seized the opportunity to join everyone in the event despite her grief.

Tzu Chi Aid Recipient Rubiah binti Mokhtar:
Saya mengucapkan terima kasih kepada tzuchi selalu memujuk saya, jangan patah semangat, suruh maju ke depan.

I thank Tzu Chi volunteers for always giving me comfort, telling me not to be demoralised, and just keep moving on with life.

 Volunteers respectfully give a Hari Raya gift pack to every beneficiary, followed by a warm hug. Everyone cherishes one another in a friendship that surpasses race.

 (大爱新闻 真善美志工 新加坡慈济基金会报导)

(大爱新闻 真善美志工 新加坡报导)



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