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Duration | 1:54

Category | Education

Organisation | Tzu Chi Foundation (Singapore)

Instilling gratitude in children through pretend play as a handicap

Based on the teaching of one Jing Si Aphorism that reads, "Life is meaningful when we become someone needed by others", the teachers at Tzu Chi Singapore Great Love PreSchool designed an experiential class to let children experience the inconvenience of being visually impaired and limbless. The purpose of having this lesson is to nurture gratitude in children and encourage them to make good use of their healthy body to help others.

With both hands tied, kids draw on a paper with a watercolour brush pen between their toes.

Preschool student, Seng Hao Ming:  Very painful. Very difficult to hold (watercolour brush pen) with toes 

Teacher: How they long for a pair of hands, but they can’t. Yet, they never give up, they are still very grateful.

Teachers at Tzu Chi Great Love PreSchool had designed an experiential class to let children experience the daily inconveniences endured by people with disabilities.

Preschool teacher, Yang Meng

Because people with disabilities need our care and help more. So, we are hoping to instil the correct concept in children since young. We want them to learn to be helpful to others and be grateful for their healthy body which enables them to do meaningful things.

Things that are easily done in daily life have turned out to be difficult now. Children have their own realisation after learning about the hardships faced by the disabled.

Preschool student, Seng Hao Ming: (Are you blessed to have a pair of healthy hands and legs?) Yes, because I can move freely and play, and I can walk too.

Preschool student, Kerene Ng Zi Qi: I would be very sad if I have no hands because I can’t do anything without them. We can help others because we have a healthy body.

An unusual experiential class is also a lesson about life. By learning to cherish blessings and be tolerant, little children are also learning to spread love and care for others.  



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