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Duration | 1:57

Category | Charity, Reflection

Organisation | Tzu Chi Foundation (Singapore)

Tzu Chi conducted a Cross Border English Volunteer Training online

Tzu Chi Singapore had conducted an online training on Tzu Chi’s charity home visit during the Circuit Breaker period in April and May. The online training was also attended by Tzu Chi volunteers in Sri Lanka, Jordan, Lebanon, Nepal and India. The training was conducted in English to avoid the loss of information due to repeated translations.  

Tzu Chi Singapore launched a cross-border online training that focuses on charity visits. Without the barrier of time and space, volunteers from five countries including Sri Lanka were able to attend the training virtually together. 

We are using such experience to conduct a training in English to train volunteers from other countries. We hope that (the volunteers from) these countries would learn the spirit and essence of Tzu Chi charity after the lesson.  

Tzu Chi’s charity home visits are customized according to local conditions. It is important to have team consensus on how to practice Tzu Chi's ideology among different cultures and ethnic groups.

Arosha Paranavithana, Key Contact Person of Tzu Chi Sri Lanka : Actually, for many years we have been attending the charity trainings by Singapore team. We really appreciate the trainings by the Singapore team, and we hope to continue having the training for Sri Lanka team so that we can improve a lot and we can go ahead with Tzu Chi volunteer on the correct path.

Chen Chiou Hwa, The Head of Jordan Tzu Chi : Tzu Chi has been in Jordan for 23 years, and it became an INGO last year. In Jordanian, our focus is to look after the old and the disabled. I am very grateful for the volunteer training today. I had just made a request for the content to be translated into Arabic. And let's practice more by ourselves, because it is through doing that we learn, and through learning that we gain enlightenment.  

We are close to each other despite being physically far apart, because we share the same ideology. Charitable home visit is regarded as the common language of all Tzu Chi volunteers, which volunteers will do their best to keep it going.

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