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Tzu Chi launches a new art project for migrant workers

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, migrant workers have been the most affected group in Singapore. Tzu Chi Singapore has launched a fabric mask making project that was carried out in 5 batches during the Circuit Breaker period. Tzu Chi has cooperated with Maybank Singapore for the last batch of mask making project that made 13,200 masks. At the online joint press conference, the fabric masks were handed over by the representatives from Tzu Chi and Maybank Singapore to Yeo Guat Kwang, the Chairman of Migrant Workers’ Centre (MWC). The launching of the “Stay Home Quilt” art project was also announced after the handing over ceremony. The new art project which will be led by a local artist, aims to encourage migrant workers to express themselves through art.   

We are grateful for the support from CYC, Maybank and Migrant Workers’ Centre that has given us the opportunity to donate fabric face masks to migrant workers in Singapore.

At the joint online press conference, Tzu Chi Singapore and Maybank Singapore handed over the last batch of fabric masks to Yeo Guat Kwang, the Chairman of Migrant Workers’ Centre. The kind act was witnessed by close to a hundred people online.

Since the enforcement of Circuit Breaker, Tzu Chi Singapore has launched a mask making project for migrant workers. Around 400 volunteers and members of the public have made close to 55,000 fabric masks in 5 batches.    

Tzu Chi Singapore CEO, Low Swee Seh: This process had involved people from children to elderly people, and some are professionals. As the entire process was done at home, it had helped bring family members closer to each other. This made them very happy, and they can also contribute to the battle against the pandemic.

Head of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability at Maybank Singapore, Sharon Eng: After all, our businesses and the economy of Singapore are highly dependent on their (migrant workers) hard work, we should all work together to fight the pandemic. Those who are capable should help those who are facing hardship.

The cooperation between Tzu Chi Singapore and Maybank Singapore will continue to the next art project titled “Stay Home Quilt”. On this project, which will be led by a local artist, we hope to gather 550 migrant workers to sew creatively on used fabrics. The project allows migrant workers to express their feelings and it is also a form of blessing for Singapore's 55th National Day.

Jimmy Ong, Singaporean artist: Art is an expression, any form of expression is a form of art.// I hope this project that involves then will help us know them better. And give them a chance to express (themselves)

Yeo Guat Kwang, Chairman of Migrant Workers’ Centre, Yeo Guat Kwang: From our conversations with the migrant workers, we know that they are anxious. // An artistic activity like this will not only appease some of their worries, but also inspire more people to remember that in such difficult times, we are helping and giving hope to each other regardless of race and religion.

Tzu Chi Singapore will also be launching another relief programme for migrant workers. Hopefully, these little acts of love would enable these migrant workers to have proper physical and mental care in a foreign land.

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