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Organisation | Tzu Chi Foundation (Singapore)

Handwriting Raya greetings for our Muslim care recipients

 The local Muslim community in Singapore are mainly made up of people of Malay origin. Therefore, the content of the greeting cards was written in Malay. However, it was a challenge for Singaporean Tzu Chi volunteers who are not familiar with the Malay language to do so. Although the process was time consuming, the contentment of seeing the smile on the faces of the Muslim care recipients makes the hard work worthwhile. 

A pandemic or a crisis can happen anytime. After the fire has been put out. Volunteers carried on with the original plan to visit Muslim care recipients to distribute Hari Raya gift packs and send them our regards.

Telephone Interviewing with care recipient:(It’s) okay already. Thank you very much. I received food, drinks and Hari Raya cakes. May God bless you guys,  your family and Tzu Chi  Association.

Tzu Chi Singapore volunteers seized the opportunity to contribute by handwriting blessings to send warmth and overcome obstacles with love. 

Tzu Chi Volunteer Tan Xiu Zhen:Since there are words of blessings there must be a meaning to it. Although I do not know what it means. I do not understand Malay. So, it felt like copying a drawing. I copy each word one by one. But I believe each time we send any words of blessings there is meaning in it. It feels good. the touch and the joy I feel is something I didn’t expect. 

The greetings may be short, but they are deep wishes. Besides hoping to brush away their worries of the pandemic more importantly it is a form of care and blessing for the Muslim care recipients.

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